13 motives for choosing to have an intimate wedding or elopement

13 motives for choosing to have an intimate wedding or elopement

13 motives for choosing to have an intimate wedding or elopement

We see and talk with sad brides-to-be almost every day. And hearing their stories, we just decided to bring you some of their stories, that you can be more at a piece. It also might help you determine whether you will wait or just change for an intimate wedding or elopement.

So, we asked them a simple question: What is your reason for saying: 

“TO HELL WITH IT! Let’s just have an intimate wedding or elopement!” 

And here are the responses:


Our wedding was on October 24, 2020. That was our original date, and we downsized to a micro wedding. My reasoning: (1) when would it be safe again? What if we postponed, and then things still weren’t better? (2) I already lost my grandma in February. My grandpa is my best friend and is 86. What if I postponed and something happened to him?

Our tiny wedding was perfect, and I’m so glad we just made the best of it.


When I watched my cousin try to plan hers and get the rug pulled out from underneath, I knew I couldn’t emotionally go through that same stress. We eloped on September 5, and it was the best decision we could have made!


We just postponed our big wedding from 12/12/20 to 2/5/2022. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I was waking up in the middle of the night for weeks, worrying that someone would tests positive or be exposed. Now we can have a tiny micro wedding with just our immediate families and then celebrate safely with everyone else later.


We had a tiny civil ceremony in July before the marriage license expired. We didn’t want to have to get another one. Postponed twice. I want to have a big ceremony and reception in September 2021, and holding my breath.


I didn’t want to let covid ruin our original date. I always wanted a fall wedding, and after being together for 8 years, I just wanted to finally be husband and wife. So, micro wedding it was.


My sanity! We had a small ceremony with just our parents and siblings. It was the best thing we did. I haven’t had to think about our wedding for 3 months! It’s been wonderful!


Not wanting to worry about who could or couldn’t come, who would be comfortable or wouldn’t. Not having to worry if we were putting people’s safety in jeopardy. My mother in law is older, and we wanted to make it happen and not have to wonder when we could have a ceremony. It wasn’t about the wedding for us, it was about marriage. We had a beautiful ceremony with lots of flowers and lights and a dinner reception in a gorgeous setting and had 18 in attendance. We will celebrate later!



We did a 6 person elopement this November. Originally our date was February 2021, but we had already postponed and planned to do a very small ceremony. But since everyone knew the date and plan, people kept asking to come or saying they would crash. We were also super worried about the weather and being too cold to do anything outside. So we decided to move it up and planned it in 3 weeks. Would definitely recommend it. It was so fun and absolutely perfect. We’re still having a reception in 2022.


To be fair, I had always envisioned myself eloping, even before Covid. But now, after doing it, I KNOW it was the right choice. The day was still a bit chaotic.. and I was still nervous.. but I know that it was toned down by about 90% as I was not having to decide on so many other things, and it was just a day dedicated to whatever we wanted to do. I still managed to be 30 minutes late to my own wedding, though.


We did. Because my family lives on the other side of the country, and my province has an isolation mandate. So that screwed us. Oh well, Zoom wedding in our living room with 10 people. Store-bought cake, Mexican take out, and a cabin honeymoon. Definitely not anywhere near what we had planned for two years, but we are married now, and that’s what matters. 


I had an intimate wedding, and the stress evaporated. We had an absolutely perfect day surrounded by just the people we love most in the world. We are so happy to finally be married. We are still planning a larger reception once it’s safe to do so, but with all the uncertainty at this moment, it feels incredible that we are married.


The wedding is just about you two! We had a small wedding with only 22 people, and most of those people are in the bridal party.


Life is too short to wait!!! Now I get to be a bride twice. 

I hope we helped you to clean your thoughts and make the best decision. Lets us know whether you decided on an intimate wedding or elopement, or any other option, in the comments below.

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13 Motives For Choosing To Have An Intimate Wedding Or Elopement
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  1. Stella

    I had a tiny tiny wedding in a municipality, surrounded by some close friends and family, and then we went for lunch right after. Big, huge weddings may be for some people, but in this day and age, they are just a costly remanence of times long past.

  2. Lees Garcia

    The older I get, the more I consider eloping. Now with COVID, it’s even harder to plan a wedding and eloping really seems like a very viable and reasonable option. I hope it because more of the norm and socially acceptable in the future!

  3. Lyosha

    My own wedding was very small, only invited our parents because they wanted that. right after we hopped on a plain and went straight on honeymoon. I still think it was the best idea for me!

  4. Bree Been

    I love each of these answers but the one that I love the most is by Kate.
    My wedding wasn’t big at all as well and if I was to go for another wedding, it would still be very small.

  5. Fransic verso

    The first one is a touching response and is very true. Small and enjoyable, rather than later and without a family member.

  6. Renata Feyen

    With the Covid here at the moment, there aren’t that many options but I got married a long time ago 🙂

  7. Renata Green

    An intimate wedding can be so romantic – whereby, I’d prefer a huge bash…you know, because of this once in a lifetime thing 😉

  8. Dominique Walton Brooks

    I had the wedding of my dreams — big with all the trimmings. Next year is 20years and we want to have a small renewal ceremony on a beach somewhere. Not quite an elopement but closer!

  9. Sandy N Vyjay

    Nice to read different opinions about an intimate wedding. Personally would prefer a small and low-key intimate wedding.

  10. Kenneth

    i get married at a civil wedding, but still, I wish to have a church wedding with my wife, I would choose a church wedding rather than an intimate one, but for sure there’s gonna be an intimate honeymoon

  11. Sarah M

    I prefer small intimate weddings; eloping would be another nice choice especially during these times.

  12. Zoë

    These are great reasons! I always tell people to elope after I had my wedding. It was a great day but overall it was too much stress and money, totally not worth it!

  13. Cook Appetite

    Years ago I used to dream of having a big wedding ( of course that’s every girls dream) but now that I am a woman I just want something small with a few families from both sides. Big weddings are costly.

  14. Marjie Mare

    This is so inspiring. I have been telling my daughter about elopement. Now, I will share this post with her to inspire her as well.