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Who We Are

Wedding Meets Fashion team is an exclusive private online platform – club for future and former brides with only the best hand-selected professionals.

We aim to become the best resource for your lifestyle topics and needs in one place. Started in the US, now including Europe.

We are Your Elite Lifestyle Team. We are a team of higly curated independent high-end professionals and experts under one strong online brand. We are Wedding Meets Fashion!

What You Can Find

To make sure that you find only the best of the bests here inside this platform, we present a curated list of bridal and lifestyle experts, where none of them can pay to be here. They must be excellent.

Here you can find only the most trustworthy vendors from the wedding, beauty, and lifestyle industries, definitely not someone who just started and want to pay for their listing as a shortcut to success.

In our Tips & Tricks section, You can find the best advice and information. 

What You Can Do

Indeed, you can discover amazing vendors, but so much more occurs here. We are regularly posting articles, interviews, tips and tricks, and how-tos — all written from real-life experience by the best professionals in the industry, not from hired writers or columnists. We do also post cool events and deals.

You can always send your question, and one of our experts will write an article-response or simply chat with you. Connect with us also on our social media. Our Instagram is very active. Links to the other channels are at the bottom of each page.

Jan Freire



Chief Officer

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