About You


Our first intention was to put together a team of amazing vendors and create a unique website for the high-end bride, where they can find only the best wedding vendors. Unlike other websites where vendors can easily pay for their listing, our team is a curated list of hand-picked wedding professionals, and nobody can get here unless they are really amazing!


Later on, we have realized that every bride tends to use many amazing vendors for a big part of their new life. So, we are here for you! The name of our team says Wedding Meets Fashion, and that’s exactly what we offer. You might have found us as a bride-to-be, then you use us also after your wedding. We are open to any clients that need high-end lifestyle services!


If you are an excellent and real professional in wedding, fashion, or any of the lifestyle industries and you think you can meet all of our criteria, you can submit your listing, contact us and explain why you are the right fit for our team.

First, always check the About Us section to be sure you really meet our standards!

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