New Normal in the Wedding Industry

New Normal in the Wedding Industry

New Normal In The Wedding Industry

Do we need this “new normal” in the wedding industry? Today I have two real brides-to-be stories and later some solutions for you all. Let’s start with Linda:

Me with my July wedding yet in the air. But we’re still doing it, whether we are allowed to have 10, 50, or 100 guests. The venue is (understandably) still saying they’re unsure what the guest count can be, we’ve had friend drama and bailouts (unrelated to covid), and we’ve almost moved venues twice. We’ve lost the church we were gonna use, and I can’t see my bridesmaids.

Plus, my friend groups are COMPLETELY divided on COVID things, and everything seems political and/or polarized. I’m ready to be done and just skip everything, even though I wanted to do everything. The pity party is over, I know a lot of you ladies have it worse! 

And this is Adriana’s story. Read it thoroughly and think…

Just going to throw this out there. My fiancée and I postponed our May wedding for obvious reasons. Well, yesterday, he had a grand mal seizure, and it turns out he has a large mass in his brain. He has always been the healthiest person I’ve known, and there were no symptoms until yesterday. 

All this to say, if you have a choice at all, don’t wait to get married! I wish more than anything we would have already said our vows, even if it wasn’t the wedding day we had dreamed about. 

It’s harder to get info from the hospital when you are not “immediate family” (because I can’t even be there, thanks again corona) and more importantly I wish we would have had that special moment to make the commitment and officially share our love to one another before he goes in for brain surgery today. 

All this to say, if you can, go get married no matter what the wedding looks like because things can change in a flash. Love to you all!

Call them as you want, Intimate weddings, Elopements, Private ceremony, or Micro weddings… they all can mean the same but also something different. It’s all about perspective.

If you want a big wedding no matter what, you probably won’t think about a Micro wedding. However, you still can call it that way. In this case, many wedding professionals suggest having an intimate ceremony now and a big reception later. If you love this idea, you should get in touch with Arianna from the Plan Desing Events. They are specializing in this approach.

Though not just planners are adapting to this scenario. Also, photographers or musicians do the same. Jan Freire, a celebrity wedding photographer, just announced on his Instagram today that he allows the split of their packages between two events, intimate ceremony and party later. And I’m sure many more will follow.

Well, if you don’t care about a big wedding, just elope or go for a micro wedding.
In case you need any information, let us know, and we are happy to help. You can let us know your thoughts about the new normal in the wedding industry in the comments below.

Also, check more articles about weddings in corona time in our blog section. Check and also follow our Instagram. You can send us a DM there too.

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  1. paolo

    I think an intimate wedding with only your closest friends and family would save you a lot of money lol

  2. Karen Smedley

    Two very thought provoking stories, the second being very moving. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  3. Cassie Arico

    I definitely think if you want to get married and don’t want to wait, have a small intimate one and throw a renewal or party later for everyone

  4. Kelly

    I have a few friends trying to plan weddings right now and they are having such difficulty with this whole pandemic. I hope it all gets better soon

  5. Shelley at BeyondPennies

    I’m sure this is a tough time for many of the ladies out there who have dreamed of a big wedding. Hopefully the idea of a small gathering doesn’t turn them off completely. Every aspect of our lives have been altered the last few months – this is another area of struggle. I hope it ends soon.

  6. littlemisadvencha

    I love the new normal. 🙂 more intimate, no dramas. <3 i will get married supposedly this year, but needed to be postpone till nxt year.

  7. aisasami

    There was a story recently here in Japan that weddings are now more virtual. Like, the bride and groom get married and Zoom their wedding to friends and family. It was really interesting!

  8. Polly

    It’s sad that planning a wedding is now limited due to pandemic. But personally, I would prefer an intimate wedding. What’s important is that you get to celebrate it with your SO and family/friends.

  9. Jon Brosio

    Wow.. the world certainly is changing. This was a great perspective. Thanks.

  10. Iris C. Permuy Hércules de Solás

    What a sad story. I hope he is alright and they can have the wedding they dreamed about, whatever that means now!

  11. Nina Nichols

    Stories of cancelled weddings during this time are just so heart-breaking. My niece and her boyfriend were also scheduled this year but they had to postpone it.

  12. Meghana Rao

    It’s best to postpone weddings during such difficult times. I personally believe that weddings should be an intimate ceremony.

  13. Trisha Mishra

    Unprecedented times have shown us we can always think out of the box to make things work.

  14. Jessica L

    I love the idea of a more intimate ceremony and a big party later on! I think the guests would enjoy that more also, because weddings can be long and tiresome when you’re not super close to the wedding party, but everyone LOVES to celebrate!

  15. Christiana Acha

    I think an intimate wedding is better than no wedding at all. Personally I love intimate weddings shared with family and friends.

  16. Neil Alvin

    Sad thing is that a lot of weddings are cancelled or moved this year due to the pandemic.

  17. Jules

    I know this pandemic is causing a lot of changes to weddings, but in the end, if a couple can save money and keep it intimate, the more power to them. Good luck to both brides!