Is Natural Light Photographer Good for Your Wedding?

Is Natural Light Photographer Good for Your Wedding?

Is Natural Light Photographer Good for Your Wedding?

As a luxury destination wedding photographer, I promised to show the difference between a natural light photographer and a photographer using artificial light and light modifiers once I have a good example. The main reason is that I often see arguments between so-called natural light photographers and other pros on the internet, confusing some brides. And for weddings, it is most important to choose wisely.

Don’t take me wrong. I don’t want to declare that one of these options is wrong. I’m actually on both sides. Unless you have a nice budget for at least two photographers and two assistants, it’s tough to utilize any equipment during the wedding day. You have literally just seconds for everything.

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I have to admit that I love the natural light in wedding photography. I shoot as much of it as I can. Natural light photography is actually a very popular choice for wedding photography. But being popular doesn’t necessarily indicate it is the right choice for everyone.

I’ll be making some pretty broad generalizations about photographers and their styles here. I definitely can’t say that I know everyone advertising themselves as a natural light wedding photographer and how they work. I’m not trying to persuade you to avoid shopping around for a natural light wedding photographer at all. I simply want to help you choose wisely.

What is Natural Light Photography?

As I already said, there is debate about natural light photography. Generally, if a photographer says they are a natural light photographer, which means they shoot with “natural light”, they don’t use artificial photography lighting (aka flashes). They will only use daylight and whatever ambient light is available at any location and time (like lamps, candles, etc.). Some photographers prefer to call themselves natural light photographers even though they are capable of using other lighting techniques. This is very important for wedding photography, so make sure you ask.

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Shooting with only natural light is undoubtedly simpler. But simpler doesn’t necessarily mean easier. Shooting natural light photography well is just as much of an art as any other style of photography. However, it takes less equipment and technical expertise to shoot natural light than to set up and use off-camera lights. For off-camera lights, we also need an assistant.

Photographers who have perfected this style can create breathtaking photos. But not every photographer is like that. As high-quality cameras have become cheaper, more people can buy them and create images. These amateur photographers are advertising themselves as natural light photographers because they have no choice. They lack the knowledge, training, or equipment to do anything else.

Can I Use a Natural Light Photographer for my Wedding?

If you’re planning to spend most of your wedding outdoors or in well-lit indoor spaces, a natural light wedding photographer is an excellent choice. But if your timeline starts early, goes late, the ceremony or portraits are planned for mid-day with harsh light, or mostly happen indoors, you might want to consider other options.

Well, sometimes you just need to use another light. This happens mainly during the bright day around noon when the sunlight is too sharp. Another option might be bad weather or even after sunset. Spotlights can create beautiful ambient light, but this never works for portraits.

Yes, in the worst case, Photoshop could help, but for wedding photography, where we edit a couple of hundreds of photos, it’s very time-consuming.

Here below is a perfect picture from my recent wedding that can be used as a perfect example. You can compare a photo captured in not ideal sun conditions without me using artificial light and then the same image created with the help of an artificial light source.

I created a reel on my Instagram about this topic.

What I don’t like about natural light wedding photography, also used in the so-called fine-art style? Yes, the fine-art wedding style is likable and romantic. Yes, it looks lovely on the Instagram wall. However, the sky is usually just too white for me, and the gown becomes one big bright mess. I started as a fashion photographer and know how to show even small details on the dress. And a bridal gown is probably the most expensive dress you ever wore. So why would you want pictures where you can’t see any details of that dress?

Natural Light Photographer for Wedding

Now, let me know what you think in the comment below. Check my other blogs about wedding photography or my wedding photography website. And if you are searching for your wedding photographer, let’s connect to find out if we are a good match.

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  1. Beth

    It seems like natural light, like so many things out there, is great when it’s available and just right. But that doesn’t mean you won’t need lighting help. Great post.

  2. Gervin Khan

    Stunning! Your shot from this light setting looks incredibly good and mesmerizing! Captured perfectly with additional light source. Loved it! Great concept to add to our photography setups.

  3. briannemanzb

    Stunning photos. I personally prefer natural light but I agree that indoors, we need as much help as we can get when it comes to lightning.

  4. Marysa

    I personally always prefer natural light when it comes to photos. Photographers can usually pull off either, but good natural light is ideal in my opinion.

  5. May

    I’ve met many photographers obsessed with natural light — but I think that the type of lighting needed would depend on location, weather and all other factors. The real pros know to be flexible to adapt as necessary

  6. Ntensibe Edgar

    I think a natural light photographer will be good for my wedding. I love natural light a lot!

  7. Clarice

    This is gold! I agree with you that natural light is best for outdoors but it’s not the best choice for all weddings. In my case, I prefer someone who can also use an artificial light source if needed.