How you can incorporate your puppy into the wedding

How you can incorporate your puppy into the wedding

How You Can Incorporate Your Puppy Into The Wedding

We just received a question from Elle about how to incorporate your puppy into the wedding: How is everyone incorporating their fur kids into their wedding? Mine are too crazy to actually be involved, so I was thinking of having their drawing on cocktail napkins, bar sign, guest book table, or something like that. What are some creative ideas?!

1. Waling down the aisle

Rose: My dog is being walked down the aisle by my mom, and then my sitter will take him home after. It sounds so wholly ridiculous when I say it out loud, but he is our baby!

Sarah: We are having our corgi boys walk the aisle with my junior bridesmaids, and then my day off will whisk them away to a room on the venue property. They are barky boys, but I want to have them at the wedding, if only for a bit. They are a part of me, and I love them.

Emily: Ours are at the wedding. Co-maid of honor, co-best man! My sister will walk Gracie down, and my future brother in law will walk Gus down. I couldn’t imagine not having them there.

Jennifer: We would love to incorporate them into our ceremony if we can find someone to bring them to the venue and then take them home after the ceremony. The plan would be to walk them down the aisle and then have pictures taken with them. Just not sure if it’ll work out yet. If not, I may incorporate them in another way, so I need some inspiration.


Well, this is precisely the problem. Our dog expert Issac said: You know your dog and your dog knows you. But the dog might not fully recognize you in your big wedding dress. There also will be a lot of people and stress. All these things have to be considered and need proper training before the actual wedding day.

2. Ringbearer

Neila: My pup is our ring-bearer! The cat is not being included cuz he’s an asshole.

Ashley: Our dog Frankie will be our ring bearer, and our dog Ginger will be our flower girl. They will be walked down the aisle by my fiancé’s cousins who are in high school (junior bridesmaids, I guess). Then we’ll take some pictures before our dog walker takes them home! But honestly might incorporate them into the signature drinks too.

The advice from Jan Freire, our celebrity wedding photographer, is, “As you know, I love all your fur babies in your photos. Please incorporate them in any form, it will be wonderful! But remember, never let your dog be a ring bearer. That would be the worst idea ever!”  

3. Incorporate your pet in your Save The Date photos

Freire Wedding Photo

Alexis: Our save the date was a picture of him near our venue with a sign with our date around him.

Lucy: We tried to include ours on our save the date, but unfortunately, photos weren’t really her thing.

Jan Freire: this only depends on your photographer. It’s like photos of kids and families. It can be done only by the photographer with a great sense for kids or dogs. If your photographer does not feel, and like dogs, they never will take good pictures.

4. Cake topper

Freire Wedding Photo

Nichole: I’m thinking about making our dogs the cake toppers. My friend did her cats like that a couple years ago. Just got clay cats modeled after hers from a lady on Etsy!

Our couple Morgan and Sean, have two gorgeous dogs. But they had a destination wedding, so despite the love, they couldn’t take them. So they had these cute wedding cake toppers! A fantastic idea for the case if you can’t have your pups at your wedding.

5. Signature cocktails


Kelsey: We are naming our signature cocktail after him, and I found a few Etsy stores that will make a sign with his face drawn on it next. Otherwise, we are going to have him on the pics we display throughout cocktail hour.

Courtney: Naming signature drinks after them! We have also gotten goldfish after I made this sign, so if they live until the wedding, I might make another sign with them on it too!

What a fantastic idea, guys! It’s so creative, and everyone will love it!

6. Napkins


Ella: I’ve seen people put the pups on the cocktail napkins!

Pet portrait cocktail napkins are sure to be a huge hit at your wedding cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner, or even a bridal shower! You can easily find them on Etsy.

And here are some other sweet examples:

Cristina: My mother in law is walking down the aisle with my dog, and I think I’m going to pin my cats’ tags to my bouquet.

Claire: I’m going to do a printout of our dog and put it in our photo booth for people to take pictures with!

Stephanie: We had ours in some of our engagement photos. I will put that picture on the back of our save the dates. I’m also getting my fiancé a surprise groom’s cake. It will be Ohio state-themed with miniature statues of a Rottweiler (our dog Brutus who passed last year) and a German Shepherd (our new pup Buckeye) as the cake toppers since he names our pets after OSU!

Meagan: I’m going to have a drawing of ours made to add to custom koozies. And I’m going to have a dog sitter bring her for us to take pictures with after the ceremony. I’m not sure if she’ll cooperate enough to be involved in the actual ceremony.

Joanna: Mine is far too anxious for crowded spaces, so she couldn’t come, which made me sad. But I ordered my husband a pocket square with her picture on it.

Meghan: Instead of favors, we are donating to an animal shelter. Our dogs will be at our ceremony, and then we’ve toyed around with doing our signature drinks after them and add them to cake topper!

Dani: I ordered stamps with his cute mug on them for our invites!

Caroline: I can’t wait to make dresses for my chihuahuas out of the fabric that gets hemmed off my dress! 

Meg: We got treat bags made with a custom drawing of them, and I’m going to do a popcorn machine with some already filled with popcorn. Also, considering naming signature drinks for them, like a Moscow Mutt (instead of a Moscow mule) and a Whisker Sour for the cats (instead of a whiskey sour).

Freire Wedding Photo

Guys, I hope you like these tips on how to incorporate your puppy into the wedding. Check also other tips, tricks, and advice, and let us know in the comments below if you have any questions for our experts.

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