Do You Really Want an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony?

Do You Really Want an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony?

Do You Really Want an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony?

Topic of an unplugged wedding ceremony is getting more and more attention in the last years as people are getting crazy with their phones. We saw and heard crazy stories, so let’s speak about it.

There undoubtedly are pros but also some cons. First, the important thing is that you have to feel the same way about it with your fiancé. It’s not cool to argue about this if you can fight about other things ?

Let’s first clear the main cons. I actually know only one. If you hire a wrong photographer or something goes wrong with their card, cameras, or files, you could end up without any photos. In this case, you would be overly happy to have at least pics from your guests.

But let’s jump to pros. People nowadays are getting somewhat crazy, and instead of enjoying the moment, they capture everything on their smartphones. But tell me honestly, how many times did you watch that video you shot at your friend’s wedding last year?

Well, if only phones. Mainly older people like to take snaps on their massive iPads. Perhaps the phone screen is too small for them. But do you really want to have those iPads and phones in your pictures? It does not look cool at all. Plus, many times, they block the photographer’s best angle. Would you risk it for no reason?

So we have asked a few real brides to be and found several more reasons to consider.

Brittany: It stinks that in today’s time, you spend all of this time and money planning a beautiful wedding, and we can’t be the one to share the photos before other people do. I’ve considered deactivating social media for the wedding weekend!

Lisa: 100 percent doing unplugged. You don’t want pics out there without you seeing them first, and it screws up your professional pictures!

Laura: I’m definitely doing an unplugged ceremony! I don’t mind if people post photos on social media before we do, BUT I will likely kill someone if they ruin our photographer’s pictures with their bulky smartphone. It looks so tacky and not to mention; we are spending a lot of money on these pictures, so I want them to be perfect. Can you tell I’m a control freak? 

Kate: I’m doing an unplugged ceremony for sure, with a sign and announcement, but also want to be the first to post a photo. I have a very Facebook happy family, so I have my Facebook on timeline review, so I have to approve all posts and tags, and it’s the BEST! It shows on the person’s page but not your own until you explicitly approve it. Then at least if they post it before me (which despite warnings will probably happen), my personal feed can’t see it.

Sarah: I guess I’ll be the only one that says, “plug my wedding in!” Ceremony and all. I am more than happy to have people take and post pictures of our big day. My photographer is a friend, and while she says it’s annoying when people go crazy with phones and iPads in the aisle, most people are respectful. She’s a professional that can work around those people or has no problem asking them to pull back some of she can tell she won’t get the shot. 

Andrea: Same! Post whatever you want! I actually feel like I’ll be annoyed if someone doesn’t post before me ?

Klara: We’re doing an unplugged ceremony. I don’t want people’s smartphones blocking my fiancé’s face on our wedding day, lol. We hired an amazing photographer for a reason!

Margot: My fiancé is VERY adamant about having an unplugged ceremony. So we’ll be having our ushers hand out small envelopes for everyone to put their phone in during the ceremony and having our officiant make an announcement and putting it on the programs. It may be overkill, but I’d rather be over communicative about our wishes than not.

Oriana: I don’t mind people taking photos (I hate not being allowed to take any at some weddings I’ve attended), but I will have the officiant say not to post anything until we do. Unfortunately, my MOH announced my engagement on Facebook before we were even able to tell my fiancé’s family about it, so they found out on Facebook. Not to mention, there were specific people I wanted to say face to face and see their reaction. I waited so long for this, and it was taken away from me. Thus I’m also making signs as a reminder.

Lara: Our officiant made an announcement, before any of the processing began, before the ceremony. We also had a sign, put it in our programs and on the website. The wording is key!

So guys, if you feel so strongly about having an unplugged wedding ceremony:
– write it on your wedding website
– write it in the programs
– put up a sign!
– have your officiant (or Rabbi) mention it

Well, and one PRO tip from Melissa: “Make sure to send mass texts/emails before your wedding day, about guests turning phones off or not using them to take pictures at your ceremony if that’s important to you. No one reads signs. I had to photoshop my aunts bright orange phone out of all of my ceremony photos, so now it looks like she’s giving me a thumbs up in every one ?

We had our officiant announce before the ceremony to turn off phones, but people were either not paying attention or didn’t care what he said. That’s why I recommend personally asking before the big day.

If you love our tips about the unplugged wedding ceremony, please share them with your friends. You also can ask anything in the comments below and check other tips, tricks, and advice from our wedding experts.

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  1. Krizzia Scollon

    I think to each is own, some likes it to be really private, while some doesn’t mind if people post about their wedding. I, personally, don’t mind. My relatives and friends posted about my wedding and I loved that they did. For me, posting about it means they had a fun time

  2. Nina

    I totally agree with you about the smartphones, even when I went to Auschwitz, people were constantly taking pictures instead of listening or understanding the atrocities that took place there in the past.

    1. WMFteam108

      exactly that … and I really would love to see, how many of them watched their pics and videos later… at least once.

  3. Chelsea Sauvé

    In unplugged wedding is something I’d totally consider. It makes for a more mindful, focused day!
    Love the concept!

  4. Chad

    The idea of an unplugged wedding makes sense to me because it is an intimate moment that the couple might not want to share in public.

  5. Agnes

    I used to cover ceremonies as a photographer it is one of the fun things to do. There is so much to do at a wedding ceremony,