Members Introduction – Impuls Weddings

Members Introduction – Impuls Weddings

Meet Tatiana Klopčeková  – Wedding Meets Fashion team member intro

Hi, I’m Tatiana Klopčeková with Impuls Weddings.

1. Why did you join the Wedding Meets Fashion team?
I like these web networks as they work well. As the founder of one in the Slovak language –, I consider it an excellent opportunity to be a part of the English one too. Believe these projects led by professionals with real experience, not only read ones, can greatly help potential Brides. I’m thankful to WMF Team for this opportunity and believe I will be helpful.  

2. what are your professional goals and dreams?
Helping people to feel happy on their Big day. To feel … a princess for a day… as the slogan of Impuls Weddings says. I love to help people to see them happy and not only on their Wedding Day but all the way to it. On top, it becomes your mission when you find yourself in your job. And you enjoy the whole path long, not only the aim.
When I started planning weddings many years ago, it was absolutely not a common service or business in Slovakia. That’s why I’m even more thankful I can do it and have satisfied couples.

3. what is your biggest achievement?
Creating a wedding planning agency that has survived all situations and crises until now. After 17 years of being on the market, there was not only one crisis, yet we still can continue, a that’s great, I think.

4. what would you be if not a wedding planner?
Well, in fact, I’ve never thought I could do a job like this. It just came with the demands, and I’ve started feeling comfortable in this position from the very beginning. But if not a planner, I would probably be doing something creative. Writer, tourist guide, event planner… Creativity is what I need.

5. Bojnice or Rome?
Love them both as each of them has a specific atmosphere and a lot of romance. However, Bojnice has been my residence for a couple of years, and I feel at home here. Rome and weddings over there are an escape from the everyday routine.

6. Beach or mountains?
The sea is something that I miss too much in the middle of Europe. Maybe that’s why I’ve also learned to love mountains and woods. The sea is great for the summer heat in winter, surely snowy mountains.

7. Modern luxury or Old glamour luxury?
Modern is not my cup of tea. I prefer old glamour, vintage, and all those romantic modes. It doesn’t mean I can’t create modern weddings; I just prefer older styles.

8. Favorite color?
Well, wedding-white, pink to fuchsia and for my business dress indeed blue, navy blue.

You can find the listing of Impuls Weddings here and check their website here.

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