Members Introduction – Phairis Luxury

Members Introduction – Phairis Luxury

Members Introduction – Phairis Luxury

Rebecca Mousseau

Hi, I’m Rebecca Mousseau, a Master Bridal Hairstylist and accessory designer.

I truly love the wedding industry and all its glam! From oceanside parties to extravagant ballroom weddings, I am so blessed to see such beautiful events. My brides are very special to me, and I’m honored that they trust me to style them on such a special occasion.
Most come in with an open mind and an uncertainty of what will look best on them, and together we create a style that enhances their features and flows perfectly with their gown, venue, and wedding theme. From there, we decide on the perfect hair accessory, veil, and jewelry. All of my hair and makeup artists are hand-selected to ensure our clients receive the best experience possible.
To me, this isn’t a job; it’s a special moment where I can assist my brides and point them in the right direction when it comes to their wedding day’s beauty and style.

1. why did you join the Wedding Meets Fashion team?
I think WMF is a beautiful concept, and it allows me to connect with other luxury wedding pros. Together we can create an exceptional experience for our clients and refer artists who are skilled and experienced.

2. what are your professional goals and dreams?
Well, we just opened our first Luxury Wedding and Event Beauty Lounge in Boynton Beach, Florida, and it is a gorgeous space! My brides feel like a princess when they walk in, and our artists, again, are some of the best! From beauty services to accessories and bridal gifts, we have it all. My dream is to franchise our gorgeous concept around the world. I’d also like to step up my travel game when it comes to weddings and branch out to be more global instead of just North America.
The Greek Islands are on my wedding bucket list 😉

3. what is your biggest achievement?
I was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year back when I first started my own business, and that was a big honor as I was up against doctors, writers, etc.
My biggest honor, however, is the clientele I get to work with. My clients are so interesting, and I’ve learned so much over the years just chatting with them. Many own some of the biggest networks in America, and others travel the globe weekly, so it’s always fun and exciting to talk to them. I truly appreciate my clients and the advice they give me.

4. what would you be if not a hairstylist?
Hmm, I think I would be an artist of some kind. I love painting, but my mom and cousin were blessed with that talent, so I’d probably be making more jewelry lol.

5. Modern luxury or Old glamour luxury?
That’s a tough one because I love both; however, I have to go with Old glamour luxury. Walking into the Biltmore, The Breakers, and The Boca Resort evokes old-world charm and grandeur. I love the detail that covers the ceiling and every little nook.

6. Beach or mountains?
Lol, this is touch to-I’m torn! I love both!!

7. Miami, NYC, or LA?
Miami, for sure…although the heat in the summer kills me, I feel Miami is always alive! Whether it’s a Monday or a Saturday, there’s always something fun going on, and that’s my kind of vibe!

8. Favorite color?
Blue, for sure…Powder Blue

You can find Rebecca’s listing here and also check her website here.

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