Members introduction – Kiral Artists

Members introduction – Kiral Artists

Members introduction – Kiral Artists

Peter is the owner of Kiral Artists, and he manages musicians for events in New York, Charleston, Washington D.C., Miami and beyond. His company belongs to the best in our beautiful industry. Let him introduce himself.

You can check Kiral Artists listing here.

My name is Peter Kiral. I am a musician, viola player but I also manage musicians, string ensembles, and bands for weddings, fashion events, and concerts. Mostly in the US but also in Europe. I was born in Bratislava former Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia). I’ve been in the event music industry since 2006, and since then I’ve contracted musicians for over 700 events.

1. Why did you join WMF?
I am actually one of the first members of the Wedding Meets Fashion. The founder Jan Freire is a good friend of mine and the primary photographer of my music groups. The main idea of the WMF is about supporting each other, sharing ideas, and growing together.

2. What are your professional goals and dreams?
As a musician/performer my dream is to have a baroque chamber orchestra one day and to travel and perform concerts around the world with my friends. Fairly, I already organize my own concerts, and my orchestra performed at the Carnegie Hall. If we are talking about private event music, I want to be a famous wedding musician who provides the best ceremony ensembles for the best weddings around the world, and I want people to know that!
I want to book my wedding orchestra for at least 20 weddings per year at any location!

3. What is your most significant achievement?
I’ve done many interesting and pretty exciting events. But I would say it was performing during NY Fashion Week with my 20 Piece Orchestra, performing at the Carnegie Hall with my New York Virtuosi Orchestra, and my first orchestra weddings. I love big productions and large weddings!

4. What would you be if not a musician?
I hope I won’t break my arms, but if there is a day that I can no longer perform, I’ll be just managing musicians. There is a lot I can do for them. I’ve been playing violin since the age of 6 and both my parents are musicians. It’s a difficult question.

5. Modern luxury or Old glamour luxury?
I like both, but I prefer modern luxury.

6. Your favorite composer and your favorite music for chill time?
Composer – it’s hard to choose only one composer but if so, then Gustav Mahler. And I like baroque composers, not talking about Vivaldi or Bach now. There are many, less-known composers, for example, Buxtehude or Pergolesi. I also like American contemporary composer Steve Reich.

Hmm for the chill time I like the deep house because of repeating beats and it’s also minimalistic music, then chamber baroque music and baroque castrato arias. I don’t meditate but I like the sound of Hare Krishna music.

7. Miami or NYC?
Miami during the winter, NYC in the summer.

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