As you might know, our own Martina Udicova is a proposal planner in Italy. She works at the most spectacular locations you can imagine. And this year, she received her first inquiry for VOW renewal through the Wedding Meets Fashion website from an American couple.

There definitely is an inspiration in this story, even for couples that haven’t exchanged vows at their wedding. But let Martina speak about this romantic vow renewal in Italy.

On June 25, 2022, Yule wrote me this message through the WMF website: 

Hi. I am looking to surprise my partner by renewing our vows during our summer trip to Italy. We got married 7 years ago without vows. I would love to be able to put something beautiful for her, we are heading south Italy for 2 weeks.


I then replied to her with my questionnaire, asking the basic questions to find out more details about her and her partner. Here are Yule’s basics:

  1. Yule, 32 (preferred name), Venezuelan, and Laura, 34, Colombian.
  2. We own a small business in Miami, FL.
  3. We both enjoy exploring new places and traveling; we love reading and playing instruments.
  4. Laura is somehow romantic, adventurous, very sweet, and loving.
  5. Italian food!
  6. We met through a mutual friend 10 years ago in Colombia.
  7. We have an extended list! We love deep house music, instrumental music, acoustic music, and 80’s classics; I will have to get back to you on favorite songs.
  8. Italian is one of our favorites and the main reason for our trip! Greek food we really enjoy. Seafood overall. I don’t eat red meat.
  9. We will be in South Italy from August 1 – August 15. We will do: Naples, Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Sicilia. Based on what I found online, I thought somewhere in Puglia would be great.
  10. Some airb&b and hotels, but they are all refundable and have free cancellation
  11. It will be a surprise!
  12. I really don’t have a budget in mind; this was just a crazy idea that occurred to me! And I wanted to find out if someone could help me plan something. I would like to pay whatever is fair for your company and for me based on the experience.
  13. Pictures attached.

Once I received the answers, I emailed her back, saying the following and asking more questions: 

Considering your itinerary and your love for instrumental/acoustic music, Puglia is the best place! I highly recommend this destination.

Could you please let me know if you need an officiant and if there will be any guests or just you two? 

Also, may I know the dates of your stay in Puglia and what accommodation you have booked? 

Yule responded with the dates of her stay in Puglia and told me that she would consider an officiant depending on the rates. Further, she decided not to go with the officiant due to the high costs, so I suggested using myself. She also told me there wouldn’t be any guests, just them.


My following email was about the locations. I sent her a list of 8 venues in Puglia for this special occasion. After a few days of emailing, we decided to go with Masseria Cecato, located only 15 minutes from the well-known city of Alberobello. It’s a family-run Masseria, very tranquil and intimate. What I liked about this location was that we could celebrate on the roofs of the ‘Trulli’ houses – Iconic cone-shaped buildings/houses with popular ancient origins. They are a trendy choice for tourists when choosing Puglia.

Yule and I exchanged some emails and confirmed the following: 

  • Private use of the spot (the roof on the Trulli houses) for the event 
  • Candle decoration & a small flower bouquet 
  • Photographer 
  • My personal assistance and organization 
  • To make the whole event even more romantic, Yule contacted a musician playing handpan, Luka Zotti. He was a great asset. I got in touch with all vendors included in this event, coordinated everything to the last detail, and waited for the day to come. 
  • On that day, Yule and Laura prepared a very emotional speech. Laura knew that Yule had prepared something for this day, but she had no clue about the location and our participation. 
  • When they arrived, I welcomed them and guided them to the spot. I said a few words for the welcome, and then they both read the speech while Luka played sentimental music. 
  • After the speech, Yule had a surprise for Laura. She had two rings for their anniversary. They exchanged the rings, and we took more photos around the area. 
  • We played the handpan for more fun when the sun went down. Later on, the girls left the location for an anniversary dinner. 

Thanks, Martina, for the detailed story. I only have 4 more questions for you.

1. What was the date of the event?

Sunday, August 7, 2022 – 6:15pm Masseria Cecato 

2. Why have you chosen this location/venue?

I have suggested this location mainly because we were allowed (and there was access) to do the celebration on the roof of the Trulli houses. 

3. Have you done any VOW renewal before?

It was the first time I worked on vow renewal. It was a fantastic experience, and I will definitely consider this experience as a new start to something I’d like to work on in the future. On this occasion, I had a chance to act as an officiant (not the professional one yet 😅). I was honored to do so, and I’ll be happy to help other couples to create these memories in Italy, the country of Love and Stunning locations. 

4. Could you tell us some insights about the clients?

Yule and Laura are beautiful girls (inside and outside), and you can tell how much effort they put into this special day. The speech they prepared was profound and touching. There were moments of joy and happiness mixed with emotions and tears. They are an example of true love and the everlasting passion of two souls. 

Guys, let us know your thoughts and how you like this VOW renewal in Italy, Puglia and what’s your favorite part of it.

If you would like to have an amazing experience in Italy for yourself, you should check Martina’s Instagram and listing. You also can find more amazing advice and vendors on our website.

Planner & Decor: @martinaudicova.proposalplanner
Photo: @manologreco
Handpan player: @lukazotti

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    Italy is gorgeous! I love this couple and the pictures. You inspire me to ask my husband for a second wedding ceremony abroad.

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    Hello Italy! You hear so much about certian areas but not here and it looks so lovely. Congrats to the renewed celebration.

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    This is interesting, the place looks pretty and with candles at night it gets even better.

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    Both of them look so amazing and it must’ve been a wonderful experience working with them. Italy is such a beautiful place and I can’t wait to go there with my family someday.

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    I know that Italy is a romantic place to visit. I’m collecting the beautiful places for my next trip to Italy.