Meet Martina Udicova

Meet Martina Udicova

Meet Martina Udicova – Wedding Meets Fashion team member intro

Martina Udicova is one of our Wedding Meets Fashion team members, and she creates romantic events for two! Martina is a well-known Proposal Planner in Italy. She lives in Rome, and her primary concern is romance. And here is little something about Martina.


You can find Martina’s listing as Martina Udicova – Proposal Planner in Italy.

1. Why did you join the Wedding Meets Fashion team?

I decided to join Wedding Meets Fashion because I liked the idea of the project. Being a part of a team where professional vendors can exchange their tips or know each other to work together on some new projects is brilliant. I believe that we all can become stronger if we put together our knowledge and then create a great team. In the end, you cannot achieve a successful event without a team of professionals, can you?

2. What are your professional goals and dreams?

First of all, my goal is to satisfy my clients with the service requested and make them extremely happy with the final result with the memories that last forever. As of now, I’ve been creating marriage proposals for 3 years, and my professional goals are to grow my business to a higher level and work for a client whose idea is to turn their dream proposal into a fairy-tale reality. And what’s my personal dream? I’d love to publish a guide book that talks about Italy’s breathtaking places where to spend a romantic getaway with a partner.

3. What is your biggest achievement?

I guess my most significant achievement is my agency, which I created by myself. Living in Italy as a foreigner doesn’t always make it easy, mainly if you are specialized in such a niche as it’s mine. If you believe in what you do, you can achieve significant results in your life.

4. What would you be if not a proposal planner?

Perhaps an employee working with tourism in a luxury hotel. I’m literally obsessed with the beauty of historical buildings in Italy, and I love exploring new corners in this amazing country. However, if I had great talent, I would love to be a photographer or a flower designer. I find these jobs very creative and exciting.

6. Beach or mountains?

It’s hard to tell. I adore the beach, warm weather, and the smell of the sea. On the other side, I also like mountains because of the fabulous feeling when you are on the top of the big mountain, and you smell that kind of liberty.

7. Rome or Lake Como?

Rome! … and it’s not because I’m biased here but because there’s so much story behind each corner. Strolling around Rome is something like going through the rooms of a museum. Lake Como is a charming place, too, as it has so many stunning villas and gardens, but I definitely prefer Rome.

8. Favorite color?

Well, I often wear black clothes, but it doesn’t mean it’s my favorite color. I’d say I prefer pastel colors because they’re soft and kind of peaceful. Lately, I prefer using gold, white, red, pink, and fuchsia colors in my work.

9. Modern luxury or Old glamour luxury?

I find the old glamour luxury more romantic and sensual. Even the old glamour fashion is more attractive and fascinating rather than the modern luxury style. I love everything about glamour: dresses, hairstyle, make-up, cars, and venues. There’s so much elegance in it. 

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