Christmas Proposal? Check these 10 dreamy ideas!

Christmas Proposal? Check these 10 dreamy ideas!

Christmas Proposal? Check these 10 dreamy ideas!

Getting Engaged And Contemplating A Christmas Proposal? The sparkling lights. The falling snow. The gift-giving. Undoubtedly, Christmas is one of the most romantic moments of the year. Plan the most romantic Christmas proposal ever with one of our 10 dreamy ideas.


Christmas is also the most popular day of the year to pop the question, followed by New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. And, now it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, the most glorious season of the year. Full of cheer, joy, laughter, love, and mistletoes, Christmas is the perfect time to pop the question.


It’s already a festive time of year, and well, you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorating the scene, because yay, it’s Christmas. There are beautiful holiday decorations, incredible as a backdrop for your proposal practically everywhere you turn!

Many couples want to kick off Christmas time in a joyful tone, and a proposal is undoubtedly one of the best ideas to do just that! Chances are that it doesn’t matter where you propose. It’s mostly because your future bride will be so excited that she will hardly notice anything else but you.


So, the timing or the atmosphere of the proposal do not really matter. Of course, the advantage of giving an engagement ring as a Christmas present is that you don’t have to buy two gifts, the ring, and a Christmas gift. However, be aware that some women put feeling into the actual proposal and when the ring is given.

Christmas is a definitely dreamy time to get engaged, and it’s very romantic. Just remember that the proposal is actually about the two of you and the life you want to have together. So, tailor the proposal to the personality of your girlfriend.


If she is a private person, a big gathering might not be ideal. On the other hand, if she’s an extrovert, hey, you can pop the question on the ice-rink below the Rockefeller Center

If you want some inspiration, here we offer a few excellent ideas for you:

1. Personalize a Christmas Tree Decoration and Plan a Christmas Treasure Hunt by creating all of your clues that will lead to the ring as the treasure. She may be expecting only a fabulous gift…

2. Book a Romantic Skiing or Mountain Trip just because it’s hard to think of a more romantic setting than amongst the snow-dusted mountains.

3. Head Into The Woods or to a Christmas Tree Farm – and take home the tree you got engaged next to!

4. Sneak a Message into Her Mug – surprise the love of your life with breakfast in bed on Christmas morning – made even more special by making them a cup of tea that ends with a proposal.

5. If you have kids already, Get Your Little One Involved – create a gorgeous “WILL YOU MARRY ME” babygrow.

6. Put a fabulous engagement ring into a Christmas ornament –  and wait … imagine … an engagement ring, hidden inside an ornament, waiting to be found on Christmas Day.

7. Write your marriage proposal with Christmas lights.  Lights are an essential part of a festive atmosphere, so including some in a Christmas proposal is a must. So, first, you will have to sneak out for a long enough time to spell out “Will You Marry Me” with Christmas lights. And once it’s dark outside and the time is right, have her plug those lights in. 

8. Wrap yourself up like a Christmas gift – there are many ways to do this. And all include fun! You could sneak yourself inside a big box, or you could have fun with it and make it evident that you’re a self-wrapped gift. And then just let her unwrap you with that ring.

9. If you don’t live there, Book a Trip to New York. I guess that I don’t have to name all the special places in the world’s most gorgeous Christmassy city. If you don’t really like New York, just chose any city or place famous for its holiday decoration.

10. Or if you have that budget, just Book a big firework!

Well, and if there is one thing we do not recommend is this one – do not use your dog!!! Although it might look like the cutest and most romantic idea, do not try your luck. You might never see that ring again 🤣

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  1. Mila

    hahaha I love that last advice!

  2. Joel

    can I get that firework???

  3. Peter Kiral

    Love this blog! Going to share it with my friends!


    Honestly, I wish my now husband was that romantic. Shame he didn’t see something like this years ago.

  5. Knycx Jourenying

    Thanks for the romantic ideas and there are lots of them! I believe that no one can say no after seeing fireworks, snow, and puppies… 😛 – Knycx Journeying.

  6. Seyi

    #1 is it for me. She is generally fascinated by Christmas trees. Adding another dimension to it will blow her mind. Thanks.

    1. WMFteam108

      Sounds great, just do it then.

  7. An Indian Traveler

    These are some really refreshing ideas and the occasion couldn’t be better.

  8. Renata Green

    These packages are so ingenious and cute! Even to use without proposing 😉

  9. Sarah M

    I liked all the ideas as they all are interesting and unique. I must say, couples would find your post so helpful.

  10. Marjie Mare

    This post brings back sweet memories for me. I got engaged on Christmas day and got married on Christmas Eve the next year.

    1. WMFteam108

      wow, that’s awesome! Congrats!

  11. Michele

    Oh, I love the ornament idea. Even years after you can still have a reminder of the proposal on your tree!

    1. WMFteam108

      that’s so true!

  12. Sandy N Vyjay

    How romantic to pop the question during Christmas. These are some really great ideas, the stuff that dreams are made of.

  13. Lyosha

    lovely ideas! it sounds so romantic, makes me remember my own ‘official’ proposal. my husband and I decided to get married to do other reasons and it was practically a decision of thought. But on Christmas eve when we were away traveling he stood on one knee and proposed in the middle of Prague. I knew I picked the right guy who gets it all

    1. WMFteam108

      Yes, Prague is a magical city and one of the best for a fabulous proposal. Congratulations, Lyosha!

  14. Blair villanueva

    Aww these are lovely ideas. I would love that ring inside the Christmas decor coz that will give a good surprise.

  15. Kenneth

    very clever wedding proposal + christmas…what else do you want to ask for christmas .its like an ultimate gift from heaven

  16. Prajaktasfoodlab

    Wow fantastic ideas. Loved all especially the ornaments one.

  17. Dorit

    All these ideas are fabulous. My husband actually proposed to me at Christmas at my parents’ and I wasn’t expecting it.

  18. Emily Terrell

    So many beautiful ideas! Makes me wish my husband had gone a little more romantic too.. Like a winter wonderland proposal

  19. Flo

    Aww so cute. I like the ornament ring boxes the best!

  20. Mosaic Designs

    Amazing ideas!!! You reminded me of some of my favorite memories…Christmas proposals are the best.

  21. Marjie Mare

    They are all perfect. I had both a Christmas proposal and a Christmas wedding.