5 Things you should do after the Christmas Proposal

5 Things you should do after the Christmas Proposal

5 Things you should do after the Christmas Proposal

Here are five major things you should do after you got engaged during Christmas. Well, you got engaged during the Christmas holidays, and you are now starting planning your wedding. Thus firstly, congratulations on your engagement. I’m sure it’s a bit of an overwhelming feeling, but at the same time, it’s such an exciting time for you both. I always get so excited, chatting to my brides about their engagement stories; each one is unique and different. What’s the same with every couple is that they all are radiating with such love and excitement. And mainly right after the Christmas proposal.

Perhaps, after the Christmas proposal, you don’t know where to begin now, so today, I want to talk about what you start with once you rise thinking about wedding planning, right after the Christmas proposal. The nearest thing you definitely should do is open a bottle of Champagne, tell your family and friends, and size and ensure your ring.

1. Make a Budget

Create a budget and do your best to stick to it. Do not get into debt going into marriage. What’s worse than to start a new family with a debt? Weddings can be as large or as intimate as you want them to be. Always be creative, and don’t feel like you need to stick with some traditions if you’re uncertain about them. The only rules at your wedding are the ones you make!

2. Decide what matters to you

A wedding is a kinda big project, and you can’t do everything yourself. Focus on what you really want and pass jobs onto your bridal party and family members. Everyone wants to help, and I’m sure they will when asked. So if you need help, just ask. They will feel a lot more a part of your big day too.

3. Get Organized

Hands up, who else loves files and spreadsheets. I am a planner, so I’m one of those always organized, and I love to keep track of things. If you can note what you’re spending and where it will make everything much more effortless in the long run. Also, record who of your bridal party is doing what.

4. Do your research

Go to wedding fairs or ask Google for help and meet lots of excellent wedding suppliers. But mostly, ask your friends for recommendations and then do online research. Hire vendors that you absolutely love and trust. They will be a considerable part of your big day, so make sure they’re your kind of people. Don’t forget that as a first you should hire a wedding planner, venue and photographer… in any order. They will help you with the rest.
I suggest you check our fantastic vendors here at Wedding Meets Fashion.

5. Have fun!

Wedding planning may get stressful at times, but remember to take breaks and enjoy. Hopefully, you have at least 6 months. Enjoy this time, the time you’re a Fiancé. Remember, there’s a marriage to look forward to at the end of it all!
Remember to do things your way. It’s your big day, so there are no rules when planning a wedding. Also, make sure you’re planning the wedding you both want.

If you’re planning the wedding after the Christmas proposal and look for some real wedding inspiration, head over to our website’s blog section. There are many real-life tips and advice from our experts.

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5 Things you should do after the
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  1. renee

    Yes! Before doing anything you should make a budget! What a smart tip!

  2. Amara Uche

    This is really helpful! I remember when I got engaged and not knowing where to start!

  3. Seyi

    The research part is always very key. Call it looking before you leap.

  4. Jody

    Budgeting is so important and also researching!

  5. Lyosha

    I think budgeting is the most important part, you should spend too much on it. at the same time it is only right and proper to have fun, it is important to think of the whole wedding planning part as fun not obligation

  6. Ben

    In my opinion having a budget is the foundation that needs to be in place.

  7. Marjie Mare

    Having a budget, planning, and do research are all important and necessary.

  8. Rochelle

    The ”have fun” part is so important, a lot of couple get too caught up in the planning and finances it can cause a strain on the relationship

  9. Fransic verso

    I just started planning and I’m going to develop it when the time comes like this, it would be good to use it more.

  10. Kenneth

    exactly that’s how everyone supposed to do it, but for me the most important thing missing is…..work hard for it, don’t rely on your mama or papa to give you money for your …wedding, make a budget and don’t expend more out of it.., you don’t want repentance after all your huge expenses then suddenly your marriage ends up in the BIN

  11. Dominique Walton Brooks

    I remember all of the planning for our wedding. Ours was a Valentine’s Day proposal but the plans are similar.

  12. siennylovesdrawing

    So nice with this list of wedding prep after proposal, of course budgetting of the whole prep is key, moreover some arrangement changes to make it practical due to the global pandemic now. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  13. blair villanueva

    Having Christmas proposal is so romantic and saves your budget for spending on celebrations. Merry Christmas!

  14. Cook Appetite

    These are great ideas. Everyone wants a big wedding because everyone they know had a big wedding. But how about just having something small, inviting like 10 people who will act as witnesses? The most important part is that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life.

  15. Emily Terrell

    These were great reminders. I know that when I planned my wedding, I had to keep reminding myself to stay within budget. It can be so easy to go over when every little thing catches your eye as “cute” or a “great idea”.