Members Introduction – Valet Tan Miami

Members Introduction – Valet Tan Miami

Falen Whipple
Hi, I’m Falen Whipple with Valet Tan Miami.

1. Why did you join Wedding Meets Fashion team?
I joined the WMF team a year ago because I strongly believed in Jan’s ultimate vision. The bridal market is a great place to not only meet clients but to get clients that come back for a lifetime. To have the opportunity to be apart of such a talented team artists is a privilege. I think we all compliment one another in some way and can equally bring a bride a complete package of skill, customer service and of course to make her dreams come true beyond what she could ever imagine.

2. what are your professional goals and dreams?
My current goals are expansion and also tapping more into the bridal market. We do work with a lot of brides and guests of weddings. However, I don’t do any targeted marketing directly towards the wedding industry. I believe working with WMF team will help me achieve those goals.

3. what is your biggest achievement?
So far, my biggest achievement is being published by VOGUE as best spray tan in Miami. However, tanning our celebrity clientele is always a “pinch me” moment that we are grateful for.

4. what would you be if not tan specialist?
If I wasn’t building a spray tan empire I’d most likely be going back to my real estate roots. Although, I’ve always been into start ups so I’d probably just be building another company no matter what it is. I’d definitely have more time to put into monetizing my food and travel blog.

5. Sun or tan?
I avoid the sun like the plague. I think it’s great in small doses with the right protection. Use your SPF on the face, chest, arms, neck to keep your skin glowing and youthful. I always wear a hat and sunglasses so I’m not squinting. I love the beach but you can find me quickly dipping in the ocean and then covered up hiding under an umbrella right after. With today’s technology there is no need to bake in the sun to obtain a deep bronze tan. Save your skin and get a spray tan.

6. Beach or mountains?
I can’t choose between the beach or the mountains. It depends what kind of mood I’m in. Honestly, I’ve been in Miami for 7 years and I rarely go to the beach. It’s kind of sad actually. I love the Mountains as well. However, the beach is way more relaxing to hear the waves crash in, watch the sun rise, walking bare foot and finding cool sea shells. So, I guess, beach is my final answer.

7. Miami or NYC?
After living in NYC for a few years I left that amazing city to come to Miami. So, I choose Miami. However, NYC gave me work ethic, appreciation for real people, amazing customer service and really good food. Miami is getting better in the food department. It’s just a more simple life here and I’m not a fan of cold weather.

8. Favorite color?
Green, like military green or nude tones when it comes to clothing. I love bright pops of color mixed with clean white and cool grey tones when it comes to interior decorating.

You can find Valet Tan listing here and check their website here.

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