Members introduction – Jan Freire

Members introduction – Jan Freire

Members Introduction – Jan Freire

Jan Freire - founder of Wedding Meets FashionJan Freire is the founder of the Wedding Meets Fashion project, owner of F4B agency (social media agency), and owner and head photographer at Freire Wedding Photo.

Jan started photography in 1991 and now he is a celebrity and luxury wedding photographer, published in magazines like People, Vogue, or Forbes! Fist 20 years he did mainly fashion and portrait photography, and he shot many celebrities.

He brought his fashion approach to wedding photography, without posing his couples. And that is his success formula.

Jan also spent many years in the marketing and social media fields. He created his first marketing agency in 1993 and had clients like VW or AT&T.

We asked Jan a few questions and we will ask these or similar questions to all our members:

1. Why did you create Wedding Meets Fashion?

Well, Wedding Meets Fashion was the brand name for my photography studio since 2012. Through the years I’ve noticed how catchy this name is and I decided to use it for something much bigger. And because of my extensive knowledge in marketing and social media fields plus working in the wedding industry, I came up with this excellent idea. I actually used to have a similar project in the fashion industry in Europe. The name was Celebrity Style Production.

2. What are your goals with Wedding Meets Fashion?

I truly love this project, because it helps everyone involved. It helps all members to grow together through continuous support, and it also allows brides and regular women to find the best people in our beautiful industry. Our vendors (members) do not pay for membership (listing) and this way we can be a very elected team. Nobody can become a member just because they pay; they must meet rigorous criteria.

I always say that if God wanted you to do everything by yourself, he would put you on your own little planet, and you could just do it all. But instead, he puts you here with 7 billion other people. It means we should do things together.

3. What would you be if not a photographer?

If money didn’t matter, I would be probably just traveling. And taking some pictures 😉

4. Marketing or photography?

I do need both. I’m a strange person. If I do only business, I miss my creative side, but if I do creative, I miss my business side. It’s a little mysterious, but I found a way how to merge these two in one.

And please, never call me an artist. I do not believe that photography is art. If there is something I don’t like, I call it art. But don’t take me wrong, I love art! But it must be real, old time-proven art, definitely not any contemporary form of “art”.

5. Modern luxury or Old glamour luxury?

As I said just a moment ago, I’m a huge fan of good old glamour. Not very into contemporary luxury.

6. Beach or mountains?

I would say both. But if I had to decide, I would say mountains. And old castles. And I love roundtrips!

7. Miami or NYC?

Again both! There is nothing better than to live in both of these incredible places. But in case I would have to choose, it would be New York!

8. Favorite color?

White. And blue. But white is my absolute #1. You can see it in my closet. I do have like 20 white shirts. I suffer when I have to wear all black at my weddings.

You can check Jan’s photography studio work at or Instagram.

You definitely should check his articles on Wedding Meets Fashion archives.

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