TOP Corona wedding ideas

TOP Corona wedding ideas

TOP Corona Wedding Ideas

Today I wanted to write an article about the best Corona wedding ideas, but now I’m stuck and can not decide if I should write about something like love always wins or my first idea. Well, after the first chilled glass of Dom Perignon 2008, I got tricked with the understanding that it’s actually the same! Isn’t it?

What I even wanted to write about this topic? I was stunned by the image of an incredible wedding photographer Vicens Forns, where the bride is walking down the aisle, holding her father’s hand.

Photo by Vicens Forns

Vicens was fortunate to be the photographer of this wedding in San Francisco, an unconventional but exceptionally emotional wedding, that makes us think about what’s happening in the world right now. It doesn’t let us forget that life still goes on.

We were chatting about it today with friends, sitting on the bay, and drinking our cortadito. Jan Freire actually posted that image in our Facebook group yesterday, and I saw some contradictory reactions.

And exactly like that, we also noticed some contradiction amongst us. Some of us feel love, some do feel sadness. But we all have to admit that this photo made us think about coronavirus, life, and love… but mainly about our beloved industry, where we all are in love with love.

So I asked our friends and team member for their opinion. Here is Jan Freire, our celebrity wedding photographer: Yes, there is a lot of contradiction about that photo. It feels sad, but it made you believe that love always wins. And I guess that this exactly what we can say about the wedding industry.

We witness brides that go crazy, and they just want their fairytale wedding no matter what, then we also see sad brides, but we also notice brides that believe that love is above everything. And we observe some excellent stories, how they are creative and their weddings are really happening. I’m, in a positive way, jealous of Vicens and would also love to have a bride like that.

Peter Kiral said: I am so glad weddings and smaller events are still happening. We’ve been a part of marriage proposals and keep contracting string ensembles and party bands for the Fall and 2021 wedding season. We also have several upcoming events across the Eastcoast. 

If you are planning proposals or a small wedding we recommend hiring a violin & guitar duet or a violinist. It depends on the music selection. Duo sounds definitely better. If you are having a church wedding and the package came with an organist, you can hire a violinist or a trumpet player. 

Zoom call is another option. Last weekend we serenaded a wedding through this app.

And Arianna from Plan Design Events: We have two types of couples, the ones that want to get married right away and the ones that are willing to wait. For the first type, we recommend a mini ceremony now with zoom and lovely flowers, very meaningful for the couple and close family, and then party later.

For the second type, we start to plan calmly and have fun because we have time to focus on all the details. We are doing site visits via zoom and already getting quotes from caterers as well as creating design boards. Events inspire happiness, especially weddings!

Let us know your TOP Corona wedding ideas or send us your corona wedding photos, and we will be more than happy to post it.

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  1. Cyndi Buchanan

    That wedding picture is probably one of the saddest things I’ve seen today. So eery.

  2. Rebecca

    Great ideas, what a tough time for weddings.

  3. Renee

    This will truly help anyone in this situation!

  4. Life Mag Health

    Is that photo for real?! Some couples opt for civil wedding to reduce visitors and keep social distancing. If that photo is for real, then it must be sad for them. 🙁

  5. Antonia | Sweet Passions

    Although it is very sad that a lot of couples needed to cancel their weddings, I love seeing how some of them turned this situation into something positive.


  6. lipstickcafe

    Great ideas, but quarantine is not going to last forever and I think waiting would be the best option. But I don’t know much about weddings.

  7. Katrina

    That picture is so touching! I feel like if I were getting married I would want to wait, but if someone is having a small wedding then there’s no point to really wait.

  8. Jules

    Me too. The wedding pic seems sad, lonely. But, if it’s their “guests” who sent in the photos to show their support, then great for the couple!

  9. Maysz

    These are awesome corona wedding ideas because of social distancing but the pictures makes me feel sad.

  10. blair villanueva

    Aww, these are lovely alternatives. However, if I am in the situation, I rather reschedule and wait. It would be nice in wedding photo albums though.

  11. GV Caplas | Wandering Good Vibes

    This corona pandemic really affected a lot on our life events. I hope these couple still had the best day of their lives at this precious moment.

  12. Georgia

    I can’t imagine the stress and sadness brides must be feeling at this time. The photo is lovely, despite the circumstances, but I’d much rather postpone if I could.
    Georgia| Britvoyage

  13. Polly

    These are nice suggestions for weddings during this time. For me, I’d prefer to have our families & friends with us on our special day so I am willing to wait.

  14. Amanda Croaff

    I love the ceremony photo! I work in the wedding industry and it’s such a rough time for vendors and clients alike. I’ve seen over 100 of my clients’ weddings have to be postponed, and my heart aches for them. However there have been several opting for smaller ceremonies/ zoom parties! I’m very thankful that we live in a time where virtual gatherings are possible.

  15. Elizabeth O

    Aww! That is really amazing idea for getting wedding in time of Covid19. I love the idea of putting pictures in the chairs.

  16. Kathleen Estabrook

    My wedding is still going on in October. It will be only immediate family now & we are opting for a big party in a year.
    We will have photos & a video. And likely have someone put it out on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

  17. Jacob Oliver

    Nice ideas you share on this blog. It’s a very useful idea. Great blog.