Should you hire your wedding vendors during the Coronavirus time?

Should you hire your wedding vendors during the Coronavirus time?

Should You Hire Your Wedding Vendors During The Coronavirus Time?

What you think, should you hire your wedding vendors during the Coronavirus time? Here is one short article about recent troubles with corona weddings. I decided to put this one together because I’m dealing with many brides now, and I see that they don’t know what to do in this uncertain time. Check my info at the end of this post.

Certainly, I do not recommend waiting. You have time now to pick the best vendors, and also you have time to connect with them. They also have much more time now. I suggest taking advantage of this situation, it won’t repeat.

The main problem is that with the 2020 wedding season getting shorter and shorter, and 2021 filling up fast, many of us are dealing with a rescheduling nightmare

Just imagine all those 2020 brides rescheduling for the end of this year and 2021. So there will be twice the amount of weddings than through the typical year. Do you see where the problem is? Well, you better don’t wait and book now!

But don’t panic. Where there’s a will, there’s the way. We will make it work. We all just have to be more creative. One of the things we indeed must consider is that midweek dates will also be suitable for weddings. 

I remember shooting weddings on literally every day of the week in my beginnings. Since I specialize in high-end weddings, 99% of them were on Saturdays only. Within the last two weeks, I have many weddings rescheduled, and the new date is Wednesday or Thursday.

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Another problem is that many vendors are scared, and they will be scared for a long time. I’m a member of many groups of professionals in the wedding industry, and I continuously see vendors saying that they will be frightened to do a wedding for a long time now. So you have to be aware that there will also be fewer available vendors.

Conclusion… so, should you hire your wedding vendors during the Coronavirus time?

  1. Take advantage of this time

  2. Do your research now

  3. Don’t wait with bookings

If you have any questions, write them to the comment section below.

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  1. Erika Ravnsborg

    You make some excellent points here. My cousin was due to be married in June but I’m not sure if that is still happening. This is tough times

  2. Mrs. Type A

    Very useful information! I feel so bad for everyone who was planning to get married right now. Such a tough way to start what is supposed to be a beautiful journey together!

  3. mariah green

    “It’s better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them!” I always say that. This is a perfect example. You can always cancel if need be

  4. Cyndi Buchanan

    Good information to know. I really feel for people planning weddings right now.

  5. Anna

    I have heard some people who needed to cancel their wedding date because of this. Let’s just all hope this pandemic will be over soon. Stay safe everyone!


  6. blair villanueva

    I think this is something that can be postponed. Or just make it fuss-free like having a civil wedding, then reschedule the wedding party for next year.

  7. aisasami

    Great advice and tips for those who want to plan for their weddings and decided whether or not to book their vendor now. I hope those who are planning their weddings now will take your advice!

  8. Michele

    My friend postponed everything, but still got married. All witnesses to the wedding were 6ft apart. It was really cute. They are married now, but will have the celebration later after all of this is over with.

  9. Steph

    I feel sorry for those who were planning their weddings this year’s, especially those who wanted a ravishing one.

  10. Neil Alvin

    Covid is slowly killing different fields
    I was reduced to online tutorials after the lockdown. I miss being on the road and travel blogging.

  11. Semmarys

    Good tips and great advice. I see a lot of people are postponed their wedding due to Covid-19

  12. Polly

    I guess planning a wedding during this time is okay since they have plenty of time but I think they’d also feel anxious (since we all dream of the perfect wedding, right?) – they need to set a date, venue and invites. It will only add up to the things that they’re going to be worried about.

  13. Moon Ray

    Tough time for to be married people!!! Best of luck for them!!!

  14. Lily

    I think things should be postponed until further notice. It’s just still a little up in the air when the pandemic will clear up.

  15. Jamie

    I bet people could get some great prices with everything going on right now. Actually a really good idea.

  16. Ell x

    Really feel for everyone who had wedding plans through all of this!

  17. Bindu Thomas

    Very useful information!

  18. Autumn

    This is a tough topic because of the circumstances. I’m sure vendors would be very appreciative of a deposit and would be open to flexible dates! That way they can pay their bills during this tough time.

  19. Suanlian Tangpua

    This is really tough time. All those who are planning to marry I wish you all the best.

  20. Diego Alcalde

    Well said !

  21. Elizabeth O

    This is really useful for those who is plan their weddings this time of crisis. I’m pretty sure that vendors get the benefits of what’s they need.