Do you know which 10 wedding photographers are the Best in Miami?

Do you know which 10 wedding photographers are the Best in Miami?

Do you know which 10 wedding photographers are the Best in Miami?

Surely you know that choosing the right wedding photographer is the key to the perfect memories of your big day. Therefore, do not leave it to chance. And if you are doing a more luxurious wedding, we certainly recommend reaching for a TOP photographer. Do you know which wedding photographers belong to the TOP 10 in Miami?

Of course, you must like the photos and style, but that’s not all. As this is a huge responsibility, not every photographer dares to photograph a luxury wedding. That’s why we present to you the TOP 10 Wedding Photographers who not only control their craft but have balls and experience and manage the best and biggest weddings.

1. Alain Martinez Photography

Alain Martinez Photography is a lifestyle and wedding photography studio specializing in capturing essential milestones in people’s lives. The studio was founded by Alain after traveling through Paris in 2005. Between Alain and his wife, Angela has grown it to be a full-service studio that can cater to any photographic need. We love Alain’s ability to capture any kind of wedding flawlessly.

2. Häring Photography

Häring Photography operates by a husband and wife team. They specialize in shooting weddings in a photojournalistic style. Their studio serves the South Florida area and has also shot weddings in Europe, Canada, and Asia. They are known for Indian Weddings. We love their clean and epic style.

3. Adam Opris Photography

Adam Opris is a wedding photographer whose wedding portraits tend towards the epic. He once wrote of a particular photo, “Fit for a romance novel cover”. If you prefer a dramatic style of wedding photography, Opris is the best choice. He’s one of the most consistently highly-reviewed wedding photographers in the Miami area, which speaks to his ability to interact well with his clients on a personal level. We love Adam’s epic underwater photography.

4. Suzanne Delawar Studios

Located in South and Central Florida, Suzanne Delawar Studios has a dedicated team comprised of the very best photography and videography talent. They exist as a company to help couples bring their vision to life in a spectacular way. Suzanne believes that your photos and video should be breathtakingly beautiful, epic, and fun. They will capture your wedding in a way that deserves to be featured in top magazines. Trust their award-winning team to turn your dream into a reality as some celebrities did already. Susan Delawar is a perfect fit for you if you love photoshop enhancements.

5. PS Photography

PS Photography has the client’s best interest at heart. Since 2006 the Creative Directors, photographers, and videographers at PS Photography have been shooting, filming, cropping, formatting and binding together love stories, business successes, and coming-of-age moments. We love their feminine style.

6. Jonathan Scott Studios

With many years in the wedding industry and almost a thousand weddings documented, Jonathan Scott Studios brings a broad range of experience and skill to your wedding day. Their talent is being able to navigate your wedding’s live-action setting while keeping their interactions with you and your guests fun and non-intrusive to capture the action as it naturally occurs artfully. We love their originality.

7. Vicens Forns Photography

Vicens Forns is a photographer from Barcelona and he was a Cali photographer, but we see him in Miami and even according to his Facebook he moved to Miami. He is a third-generation photographer and has done photography since he was a little boy.  He loves what he does and enjoys capturing laughter, tears, and cake cutting in real-life settings. And we love his remarkable photography style, he really is different!

8. Freire Wedding Photo

Jan Freire is known as a fashion and celebrity photographer from Europe who fell in love with wedding photography. Now he is based in Miami and often travels. As he says, My approach to photographing weddings is creating beautiful, glamorous portraits with a fashion touch balanced with styled details and timeless photojournalistic moments. This recipe tells the wedding story authentically and artfully that lays out beautifully for publication and wedding albums. Jan also shot some celebrity weddings. We love his European taste and sense of glamour. Jan also is a member of the Wedding Meets Fashion team.

9. Ray Santana Photography

With a photojournalistic style, Ray Santana has been capturing Miami weddings for almost twenty years. His photographs range from “true moments” casual shots of the day to formally posed portraits of the wedding party. Being selected to feature his work in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine consistently has made Ray Santana a top photographer in Florida and destination weddings worldwide. We love Ray’s consistent style.

10. Muñoz Photography

The Muñoz family claims four generations of photography heritage. People say that working with them is truly a family affair and a team effort. A hallmark of the Muñoz style is a flair for the dramatic. They tend to give their work an intense “pop” and an epic sense of magic. They’re known for being funny and personable, and they’re highly-awarded. We love their dramatic style.

Let us know if you think that someone else belongs to this list in the comments below. This list is compiled according to our taste and knowledge and is subjective as all other lists.

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  1. Hang Around The World

    I don’t live in the area but if I’ll ever been here it might be good for an occasion. Thanks for sharing it. – Paolo

  2. Maritime Meg

    Oh my goodness all of these photos are stunning! They all are so unique. I wish I had this many wonderful options here where I live. I’m currently replanning my wedding for 2021 as we were supposed to be married in May 2020 and then September 2020. Here is to 2021 and I hope all of these lovely brides have so much fun with these incredibly talented photographers!

  3. Ben Cross

    Looking at some of these different wedding photographers, in my opinion it is an art form in itself.

    I say this because I have taken photos at my family’s weddings in the past, and I am no professional, but I find myself trying to get the best value for the photos I take in terms of colour, shutter speed, zoom etc.

  4. renee

    I am an aspiring photographer. And these pictures are stunning!!

  5. Krista

    All of these photos are gorgeous. Great article to help people who are needing to narrow down their search for a wedding photographer!

  6. Keerti Bhatnagar

    Wow! These pictures are awesome
    Specially in the picture by Vicens Forns Photography, I like the background setup most!

  7. Renata Green

    All of those photographers seem to be very talented and passionate about what they are doing. However, I like Suzanne Delawar best because her pic is particularly unusual.

  8. Maysz

    These are beautiful and gorgeous wedding photos! I love it!

  9. Knycx Journeying

    Thanks and you have given us a wonderful list. I think the work of Freire Wedding Photo, I guess for anyone who are seeking recommendations in this post will have a hard time choosing 🙂 Knycx Journeying

  10. Agnes

    Wedding photographers are the key to a beautiful memories. I used to shoot weddings with my photography friends back in the days.

  11. Cyndi Buchanan

    What a fantastic resource! These are some talented photographers!

  12. Mary

    These are some incredible pictures! They look like they belong in a bridal magazine! Very nice choices.

  13. Michele

    These photographers are really talented. Do you know of some really good photographers in the Tampa Bay area?

    1. WMFteam108

      Hi Michele, yes, try Monika Gautier.

  14. Sarah B

    Those are amazing shots! Must be worth the money for each shot.

  15. Rochelle

    Weddings pictures are so important, so many memories, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous

  16. Blair Villanueva

    These photographers are truly genius! They can create stories and making these pictures look magical.

  17. Lyosha

    each photographer has a great talent, great options. I think each couple will find the best style to suit their wedding style

  18. Nkem

    Looks like one can’t go wrong with any of these photographers!

  19. Kenneth

    quite a profession im sure it doesnt come cheap..with all those expertise…state of the art cameras really required..the photos speak for itself

  20. Monidipa

    These photographers are so good.. I’m no where near Miami but they r good.

  21. Eric Gamble

    These are some amazing and quite artistic wedding photos. Though I disagree that the best wedding photographers are in Miami because ours is here in New Orleans. However, I do like the feel and style of Suzanne Delawar Studios.

  22. Marjie Mare

    These pictures are absolutely glamorous. I will check these photographers.

  23. Emily Terrell

    These are amazing shots! I think I would like Opris and Forns. I love the dramatic elements they use. Thinking outside the box has always been my way of going.

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    This is awesome, I live in Florida and it is nice to know who can do a photography session in Miami a place I love.

  25. Viano

    They are indeed all amazing in their own ways. It’s basically about creativity and perception.

  26. Blair Villanueva

    I bet they are so in-demand and very expensive! But if they can produce magic then everything worth it.

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    Jan Freire is the only one I recognized on the list because I visit his blog from time to time. I’m not from the area but I applaud all creatives who earn a living from their mad skills. Kudos!

  28. Krizzia Scollon

    They all seem talented though. If ever I’d go take pictures in Miami, I’ll surely check this post of yours again for reference 🙂