Your Own Wedding Fragrance – GUERLAIN Personalised Perfume

Your Own Wedding Fragrance – GUERLAIN Personalised Perfume

Try GUERLAIN Personalised Perfume for your Wedding Day

You know that you can personalize perfume at your fingertips. You can design your personal fragrance, customize your bottle, or even name your signature scent in just a couple of clicks nowadays. The question is why would you do this if you can have your own GUERLAIN Personalised Perfume.

Following its first concept store in Paris in 2016, Maison Guerlain is now opening boutiques dedicated exclusively to fragrances in other countries under the timeless signature “Guerlain Parfumeur depuis 1828”.

110 fragrances are available following a detailed classification of the fragrance collection into four leading olfactory families. Customers can take advantage of a digital fragrance consultation to identify their personal olfactory profile and, thanks to a robust algorithm, find their very own “signature fragrance”. 

After choosing the fragrance, customers are invited to the heart of the boutique – the personalization atelier. There, they select every detail to make the perfume their own – the shape, size, and color of your bottle. Noteworthy is also an engraved message in any language with a choice of ribbons and bows to embellish the bottles. 

There are options for creating your engraved messages, like the color of the ink, the type of font, and even the language of your choice. A perk of creating this scent profile is that it’s always on file, and you can use it for refills as well.

The iconic honeycomb “bee” bottles can be refilled forever at Guerlain’s fragrance fountains, an elegant combination of luxury and sustainability. To guarantee the perfect quality of fragrances, the scents are kept in a temperature-controlled “perfume cellar”, just like grand crus wines. 

At this point, you take a comfy seat and enjoy the process as you watch your customized bottle created in front of your very eyes, the engraving included. The final custom feature is selecting the tissue paper to match, a particularly nice touch if you’re planning on gifting the bottle.

And now imagine that you are a bride and you either had the option to create your very own perfume, or you received one as a gift – what a great compliment of your Big day. And you can include the bottle in detail shots from your getting ready. 

Our Jan Freire with Freire Wedding Photo captured this one at his bride Samantha’s wedding at posh Breakers in Palm Beach.

Let us know if you would like to possess your own Guerlain Personalised Perfume and what scent is your favorite in the comments below.
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  1. Krista

    Forget the wedding day – I might just have to try this out for myself! This is a really unique way to get yourself a new perfume.

  2. Merveille

    I have never thought about creating one’s own perfume for a wedding day. I love how personal, fancy, and yet sustainability this idea is. Plus you even get a bottle with your name on it. Wow, so cool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Eric Gamble

    I had no idea that GUERLAIN made a personalized perfume. I have one of the classic crystal Cologne bottles though I never wear it. But my wife loves the smell of it and occasionally I dab my hankerchief with it!

  4. Michele

    I have never heard of Guerlain but those bottles are beautiful. I might have to check it out and get some.

  5. Mosaics Lab

    Personalized perfume! I super super like the idea of a personalized perfume, so cool.

  6. Emily Terrell

    This is awesome! I’d want to try it just to say I did, not so much for a wedding. I love customizable options. And this is the perfect way to make it unique for me!

  7. Adriana

    I would love to have my own perfume and more when is created by Guerlain a brand recognized all over the world

  8. Sondra Barker

    Love finding new scents! Can’t wait to try. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Monidipa

    Leave wedding, all these perfumes look so good that I’d try them on me, no occasion required…

  10. Jalisa Curry

    I would love to make my own perfume for my wedding day. Where do I sign up