Meet Paige Virginia

Meet Paige Virginia

Meet Paige Virginia – Wedding Meets Fashion team member intro

Paige Virginia is one of our Wedding Meets Fashion team members, and she is Master Bridal Hairstylist and educator. She owns Majestic Hair and operates in South Florida. And now we want to introduce her.

I consider myself an old soul, empathetic in nature, I can meet the room’s energy or be the source of calm others may need (especially on the wedding day). I am genuine, love to smile and make others happy. As a mother and dog mom, I spend the time outside of my hair business enjoying our beautiful Florida weather and beaches with them.

  1. Why did you join Wedding Meets Fashion team?

I joined Wedding Meets Fashion team loving that great, hand-chosen wedding vendors coming together to create a space for brides to know they’re choosing from top quality and professional list of businesses to make their wedding dreams come true. I needed to be a part of that vision.

2. What are your professional goals and dreams?

I’ll try to answer without giving away all my secrets! Each year my goals shifted a bit but all together, building into my vision of Majestic Hair to be a single source for all bridal hair needs, outside of my onsite hairstyling services, of course. This past year I branded the highest quality hair extensions to offer and became a source for handmade bridal hair accessories. And this year, I am growing that portion of the business and will soon lead to the opening of a salon where brides and women can come for all types of hair extensions and hairstyling for events as well as color…. but departmental, like how they used to do it up in Pennsylvania where I’m from.

Color and haircuts are completely separate when you walk in. It will have all the feels of Bride and Beauty. I will always continue to do on-location bridal styling. I think that’s what makes what we do so personal. But I do find value in a structure where brides can walk in and make their hair dreams come true so they can look as they’ve always dreamed.

3. What is your biggest achievement?

Professionally, my biggest achievement was creating my own path and business. In 2011 I started Majestic Hair, and in 2013 I quit the salon and opened my studio. I always valued my clients and brides highly and felt they deserved the very best experience. It was by far the best thing I have done in business. Still working towards topping that in gravity, but I believe it will still hold as a top for a bit longer!

4. What would you be if not a hair stylist?

A naturopathic physician or an attorney. Total flip, I know! In high school, I actually was on my way to being an attorney. I took all the law classes, participated in mock trials for the city, had (have) acute attention to detail when it comes to words and intent. I am intrigued with the body, the mind, and its innate qualities of being fundamentally human in my more recent years. It’s fascinating, though I can’t say for sure that I would actually enjoy being bound by those professions. I simply enjoy learning, and it makes for interesting conversations!

5. Updo or ponytail?   

UPDO in capital letters. I love a glam or party pony as much as anybody, but nothing is like an updo. I’ll even go a step further to say romantic updo. I have a peeve where too many or too thick of a hair is flying around getting stuck in random places. I choose updo, but it has to be the right updo for the overall wedding vibe and the bride’s hair type.

6. Favorite hair color?

Blonde blonde blonde. But a blended, almost naturally toned blonde. The dimensions really pick up in every hairstyle, especially rhetoric more detailed ones. Also, I specialize in fine, blonde hair, as that is my hair type. I know all the struggles and can truly relate to my blonde brides in giving them the hair they’ll love!

7. Favorite hairstyle?

I adore braids—romantic braids, with a romantic setting, with the hair cascading in an elegant fashion. The second runner up would be a classic, polished low bun with a middle part. Two all-time favorites

8. Modern or Old glamour? 

Old glamour. I love things that appear timeless in nature, and hair is no different. Some of today’s modern looks can have a classic feel, but in the end, I do believe every hair decision is not only influenced but defined by the bride’s overall wedding vibe. It has to come together! And that’s what hair and makeup do to the entire memory!

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