3 wedding planning mistakes

3 wedding planning mistakes

3 wedding planning mistakes to avoid

As we are involved in the planning process of many weddings, we know the ins and outs well. And the reality is? If you’re planning your wedding without a planner, you just don’t know what you don’t know! You simply learn from experience.

So, here are 3 mistakes to avoid:


Most venues give you the maximum guest count, which means all tables are packed to the brim, and often that means elbows in each other’s faces or guests seated in different rooms. Ick. 

SOLUTION? Ask the venue what the comfortable guest count number is, and if that max number includes a dance floor, a DJ, or band, and ensure that your guests *actually* fit in your venue … or find a different venue. No one wants to feel like they’re sitting on Aunt Martha’s lap. 


Don’t do it. Just Don’t Do It. It makes the B-Listers feel, “I thought of you, buuuuuut you’re *actually* not important enough to make the cut,” versus just saying, “I’m keeping it X” or “we’re limited because of Y”.

SOLUTION: keep your list at the A-List and only A-List at the beginning and include everyone you want with no extras. Then, if you have stretch, you start adding extras. I’m old school on this one.


Expecting everyone to RSVP on time is a pipe dream that hasn’t happened in our 8+ years. Here’s the deal: most people don’t really take RSVPs seriously. Once you’ve planned a wedding, you get that answer/card back to the host ASAP.

SOLUTION? Time your RSVP date 2 weeks after most guests receive their invites which get people to respond ASAP. Longer, most people misplace or forget about it entirely. Also, expect to follow up with guests, and don’t take it personally if you have to.

Do you know about other wedding planning mistakes to avoid? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Pooja

    I made a few of them on my wedding but it was overall fun. I think the worst most people do is squeezing the venue.

  2. Beth

    I love the last tip so much. When we got married, I made the mistake of thinking that people didn’t care about our wedding because I had to follow up with them. What I forgot was that it’s so easy to misplace a piece of paper!

  3. Bill

    I agree with the B-Listers. I felt bad knowing I was one at a friend’s wedding and I did not feel good about it.

  4. Ntensibe Edgar

    Oh yes! I wouldn’t want to be on the B-invite list! Every guest you invite to a wedding must be on the A-list of invitees.

  5. Fransic verso

    I agree with this all of these. We need to avoid them. It’s not good to have a b-list to make others feel bad.

  6. Krystle

    These are great tips. I hate managing the RSVPs!


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