3 Wedding Planning Mistakes – Part 2

3 Wedding Planning Mistakes – Part 2

3 wedding planning mistakes to avoid

We are involved in the planning process of many weddings, and we know the ins and outs well. If you’re planning your wedding yourself, you just don’t know what you don’t know! And this is part 2 already. Part 1 here.


If you’re looking at what size tables you have for guest seating, there is almost always a “range” of 6-8 or 8-10, etc. I would always recommend the lower number because the higher numbers require each seat to be touching each other, and everyone’s elbows will be in the guest next to them’s face. It’s not super fun.
SOLUTION? Plan for the lower number, and only increase it if you absolutely have to. Your guests will thank you.


Be extra generous when you make your wedding-day timeline. We, humans, are always extra optimistic, but realistically things go awry along the way.

SOLUTION: Don’t plan a super tightly packed schedule. Aim to include some extra buffer room, and then you’ll a) be grateful for the extra time, and b) you may end up finding that you’ll be ahead of schedule instead of behind. However, the number one advice is to start with makeup at least one hour before you want. 95% of weddings run behind because it all started with makeup artists being late.

You can do your own wedding makeup if you want to

Keep the number of wedding day speeches to a minimum, and keep everyone’s time limit short. Your guests will be good sports for about 3 speeches, but after that, they start to get antsy.

SOLUTION? Limit speeches to parents (fathers) and maybe the best man and maid of honor. If you have more requests, find a way to include them at another event. Also, give everyone a time limit if they’re long-winded and bonus points if that time limit is shorter than you actually want them to speak.

What do you think of these?
Did you catch Part 1? If not, click the link, and let us know if there is any particular part of wedding planning you’d like to know about!

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