We Don’t Like Micro Weddings

We Don’t Like Micro Weddings

We Don’t Like Micro Weddings or Why we love intimate weddings

We try to avoid calling these events Micro Weddings because we feel the word Micro comes with a negative connotation it should not have. Intimate wedding or boutique wedding is cozier, sexier, and more elegant, so we will go with that.

With the current pandemic in the world, we have had to adapt to the safety regulations but more than that, to the comfort level of our guests and hosts. At Plan Design Events, we feel intimate events are unique and have many advantages over huge events.

Let’s start with the word boutique, a synonym for luxury and exclusive. That means much more details and prestige! It means customized and one of a kind. For us, there are two significant advantages of hosting an intimate wedding. The first goes hand in hand with the word intimate.

Advantages of hosting an intimate wedding

The number of guests you usually invite is guests you actually want to invite because you truly feel it will make you happy and not because you have to? Almost every couple, we have the pleasure of planning for has one task they hate to do, the guest list. “My father has to invite this business associate” or “this great uncle with the horrible breath will be insulted if we don’t invite them”, “I can’t tell my friend not to bring her kids”, “I have to invite all my colleagues”. Not anymore! Now there is a limit on how many guests you can have. The perfect excuse!

Not to mention, I think we can all agree that the best part of the party (when you are close with the hosts) is when the fluff guests leave and only the inner circle stays. That’s when the party really begins, and everyone lets loose. That is when the best memories are made.

In our experience, wealthier clients have been using the micro wedding formula for ages. In part because of privacy, they don’t feel a need to show off and like to be surrounded by real friends. They want a wedding with meaning, usually 100 – 150 guests max.

The last part of the smaller guest list’s advantage is that the couple has time to enjoy all the guests, which would not be possible with 300-500 guests. By the time the bride or groom says hi to every guest, that tells them how gorgeous everything is, the party is over, and they can’t enjoy it. Now they can.

Plan Design Events
Arianna and Nicole - Plan Design Events

Extra money for the details

The second advantage is that now there is extra money for details. When you have a huge wedding, you can’t always spend on personalized details for all the guests, since that would take tons of money and tons of time. At an intimate wedding, you have plenty of both!

This affects every aspect. For example, maybe in a large event, you serve Moet, but you serve Dom Perignon and better wines in an intimate wedding. We had a client that spent $20,000 just on a super-exclusive wine bar. Everyone was beyond happy. You can do a killer menu and have shaved truffles instead of truffle oil. You can have the best china and glassware with each guest’s name in calligraphy per seat.

We did a super fun event where the couple asked us to make party favor with each guest’s names instead of their logo. They had 100 guests! It was fantastic, and the guests were super touched. We had a bride that gave us handwritten notes to each guest; that was incredible.

You can now have much more excellent everything, centerpieces with the peonies you wanted, not the roses you had to compromise for, specialty linens and chairs. Let’s not talk about talent. Our couples are taking the extra dollars and hiring famous bands or DJs and creating the most outrageous memories.

You are now spending because you want to on people you love, not people you have to, which is really not nearly as painful!

In short, at least for now, micro wedding, boutique wedding, intimate wedding is the wedding to have. Remember that for your guests, being invited to an intimate wedding is a privilege and an honor since they know how selective the list is. For you, the hosts, it is a pleasure to receive people you love and create these unforgettable memories together. Create an experience that delights not only the senses but the heart. Make it meaningful and spectacular, and party with a purpose!

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  1. Brianne

    I’m a big fan of initimate weddings. Big weddings tend to lose the feel of closeness and connection for me.

  2. Claudia

    I love that you call them intimate weddings and not micro weddings. Micro sounds inconsequential, and marriage is anything but.

  3. Surekha

    I love the idea of intimate weddings. Some people love those ginormous bashes, and I think they have their place, but I prefer the closeness of a smaller wedding.

  4. Elizabeth O

    I love both large and small weddings. They each have their own feel, and different sizes are better for different families. I prefer smaller weddings, though. The intimacy is unmatched in my opinion.

  5. Nikola Roza

    Intimate wedding. First time I hear of the name but I get the concept so well. Get only the most important people to you celebrate your special day.
    Makes perfect sense.

  6. Super Busy Mum

    I think intimate style weddings are just as amazing, magical and romantic than much larger weddings. I think whatever your preference, got it and make it amazing!

  7. Steven Morrissette

    I think that this is my kind of event. I find that when I host a party or a supper, I don’t have time to enjoy time with my friends due to the fact that I bounce back and forth from a friend to a friend. So I believe that I would enjoy a smaller group wedding.

  8. Emman Damian

    I like intimate weddings because you get to bond with few select special friends and family. It becomes more special. Also, it’s cheaper and more cost effective.

  9. Lily

    I love the idea of a boutique wedding. Yes micros does sound a little negative but I am all for more intimate weddings.

  10. Nkem

    If I get married, I would totally do a ’boutique’ wedding! I’m all about it! Great post!

  11. Katherine

    I had an intimate wedding and it was nice. The best part was that only the people we really wanted were there. We didn’t need to have tonnes of people there that we didn’t really want and we got to enjoy the event more. Great post!

  12. Chloe Fong

    Intimate weddings are the best!

  13. Dianne G

    These are all true! It’s really nice to have a minimalist kind of wedding where everybody will be intimate and close to each other rather than having a grand one.

  14. Mosaic Artwork

    I am 100% with an intimate wedding, it is closer, warmer, and a lot more fun in my opinion.

  15. Emily Terrell

    Another good thing that has come from restrictions! I agree that intimate weddings are superior to the standard kind we came to be used to. I love how the little things can be better and therefore a bigger deal.