Wedding trends or what will happen with luxury weddings?

Wedding trends or what will happen with luxury weddings?

Wedding trends or what will happen with luxury weddings?

I keep hearing new and new stories about how the weddings are rescheduled or postponed for a third or fourth time. I actually also have few brides that are unsure about what to do. Others just threw a towel and went to court. Although I feel a relatively positive mood with loosening restrictions, weddings will be released at the end. It sounds like those larger and luxurious weddings will not come back so fast. I still remember how debates about big weddings started a year ago. Now it’s clear that wedding trends will be changed.

So what happens with luxury weddings?

In recent weeks I was thinking about what will happen with our industry because I need to protect my business. And because I worked in the luxury wedding field in the US for the last 9 years, and I still have great connections, I decided to stop complaining and act instead. Thus, this blog is the first from the series, what’s gonna happen with weddings. However, it is not only for words and letters. We have even re-categorized the Wedding Meets Fashion project from the luxury wedding segment to luxurious anything else wedding-related, like elopements, proposals, or intimate weddings.

Words like “wedding” are lately replaced by “micro wedding“, and in the US phrase “luxury wedding” is lately replaced by “intimate wedding“. We haven’t found a suitable replacement in many other languages yet, but an intimate wedding is actually a very luxurious wedding for few guests only.

Intimate wedding

Mila wrote about intimate weddings in the blog post “Why we don’t like micro weddings“. Let’s say that this probably will remain as the new trend for luxury weddings for the future: white glow service, best vendors, food, wine for a small number of guests.

Let’s say we know that there won’t be any huge wedding in the near future. What can we do now? My theory is that one of the options is to divide this main event into three smaller occasions. We can begin with an actual luxury proposal event, not just for the two of you instead of for a small group of closest friends and family members. Later on, you can opt for an intimate wedding. And after 5 or 10 years, you can do VOW renewal, hopefully as a regular event already.

Luxury Proposal

Especially for couples that have decided to say their vows at the court, I would certainly recommend a part of their wedding budget and effort to move on engagement. Let’s name them straight luxury engagement or luxury proposal.

As a proposal can run at home in the living room, I also heard about a proposal in the shower. You can also propose on the street, in the restaurant; however, the question can really be asked on a beautiful luxury location with family, closest friends, dinner, music, and flowers. It’s about your creativity. Once you know that your wedding won’t be the same what was your original idea, you really can put some effort into an extraordinary proposal. And we just starting our agency for remarkable proposals. Right now in Prague, Italy, and Bratislava. Very soon we will add more cities.


Wedding trends are given. Another perfect option is elopement. We already wrote an article about elopements. They are a huge trend among millennials for few last years. But now we see luxury elopements all around the world. Suddenly we don’t have to exchange luxury service with only luxury locations. Now you can have both.


VOW renewals

Another thing we want to introduce in the luxury segment is VOW renewals. BLOG POST about it yet comes. It is a very common event in America where you’re renewing your marital promise. When a couple happily survives together for several years, it can make the recovery of this promise. This event can be done as an almost complete wedding but also as elopement. It’s just up to you. In any case, it is a beautiful event for the couple but also for their family and friends.

I really love how we can come as winners from each situation. We will soon write about all this news, we will be talking about it in Clubhouse, but mainly we start them in reality. Let’s form new exciting wedding trends.

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