How many photographers do I need for my wedding?

How many photographers do I need for my wedding?

“How many photographers do I need for my wedding?” is a regular question that I hear from my clients-to-be. It’s not so easy to answer it, but you asked, so let’s do it!

First, the general point is that one wedding photographer should be able to photograph a wedding of up to 150 guests without any problems. In some cases, it could be much more. I do remember one 270 guests wedding that I shot alone in Hamptons. And it was not fun for me, but I successfully made it.

Well, now you see why you get that question about the number of your wedding guests. It really does matter.

On the other side, I had a wedding of only 50 guests where was the budget for two wedding photographers. Now you see that it depends on your budget!

While one photographer should do a great job at a regular wedding, two photographers can capture more angles, and they also can be at two different places at the same time. Like one is shooting ladies getting ready while the other one is with guys. Or one can shoot details of the ballroom while another shots portraits.

At my recent wedding at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, I was able to have three photographers. What a blast! We were able to cover everything. The bride had a gorgeous Milla Nova wedding gown with a long train, and we were on three different spots; in front, in the back and above.

So, after using some examples, now I can say that it only depends on your budget. It’s always better to have one great photographer than two mediocre ones. And even if you decide to have two or three wedding photographers capturing your big day, always ask who they are.

Once there are two photographers, they always divide into one spending time with ladies and one with guys. If both are important for you and your families, you will need two great photographers. I really hope that cleared the question, “How many photographers do I need for my wedding?”. Let me know in the comments below.

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How many photographers do I need for my wedding?

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  1. Ivan at

    Of course, the moe photographers you hire, the wider angles they can capture! Depending on a budget and the number of guests, two photographers can do a great job!

  2. Holly Giordani

    This was so interesting! I only had one photographer for my wedding


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