Are getting ready photos from your wedding important?

Are getting ready photos from your wedding important?

Are Getting Ready Photos From Your Wedding Important For You?

This is an article written by Jan Freire with Freire Wedding Photo Studio after many similar questions on his Instagram.

Jan says: Well, it’s not important for all brides at all. But if it is important for you, remember, it’s all about two things, a good photographer and a perfect bridal suite.

A good photographer is also important. It’s not an easy part of the day. Even if there is no mess in the room, it’s always busy. Too much happens, unless you are the only one or maybe you have no more than two other ladies in the bridal party.

The bridal suite is probably the most important. Even the best photographer in the world is not a magician. Before I started to shoot luxury weddings, I experienced the same story many times.

The bride-to-be expressed how important getting ready photos are for her, and she even shared some gorgeous pins from her Pinterest board. Then the day came, and I appeared somehow in a small, dark, and very messy room.

Dear ladies, in this case, no magician in the universe can help. Maybe except Pixar studio. If getting ready pictures really matters for you, you need to get the most beautiful room full of natural light. And never get is messy!!! You have to consider where to put all your stuff because otherwise it will be seen in the photos.  

There might be a solution to this, if the room is big enough, to get ready in one half and leave another half clean. Trust me; there is no time to clean it during the actual wedding day.

Amazing 2 stories bridal suite at Colonnade Hotel in Miami. (photo Jan Freire)

Always try to choose a room with a big mirror and big windows. If you can’t get a beautiful bridal suite, rather spare some money and let the photographer come later. You don’t want to have photos from a dark, messy stockade.

Ideal getting ready pictures are very clean. (photo Jan Freire)

I don’t have to mention any of the luxury hotels like Faena or Mandarin Oriental. They usually always have marvelous spaces. But even in mid-range hotels are some pearls. One of the coolest bridal suites in Miami is in Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables. I saw some great rooms in rental properties. Really! If your hotel does not have any cool room, just rent a nearby house through Airbnb. Worst bridal suites are usually small rooms with small windows.

Paige from Majestic Hair Florida reacted on this topic in my Instagram: “Agreed! So often we delegate cleaning up the getting ready space to the bridesmaids to ready for the photographers’ arrival, but some spaces just don’t make for beautiful photos. Great advice for brides!”

And I also have many requests to give some suggestions for cool bridal suites, so that will be the next blog post very soon!

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  1. Holly Bird

    Awesome advice!! I learn something new every day…today this is it! Love this!! Thank you!

  2. Linda

    Great advice here, especially the idea of renting an Air Bnb if necessary! I think pre-wedding photos are a lovely memory of the day.

  3. Blairvillanueva

    A good natural light saves a lot! This is most of the time overlooked especially if they thought rooms with less light are cheaper. Thanks for your tips!

  4. Namrata Sinha

    That’s great advice. I wish I could go back and use the idea of getting Airbnb rented.

  5. Agnes Dela Cruz

    Yes! Natural light will definitely bring a good quality photo. No need to do editing or touch-ups.

  6. Stephanie Trembley

    Just beautiful! Very educational!

  7. Catherine

    The photographer for my wedding spent all her time with the groom and groomsmen (got some really awesome photos of them), then rushed in 15 minutes before I was supposed to walk down the aisle and we had to stage pics of me getting ready. None of them turned out well and I didn’t use any of them.

  8. GreggOriva

    Хорошая статья