Important questions to ask your wedding day hairstylist – part 2

Important questions to ask your wedding day hairstylist – part 2

Important questions to ask your wedding day hairstylist – part 2

My name is Rebecca Mousseau and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the crazy when it comes to wedding beauty services and I’m here to help ease your mind and answer real raw questions as a hairstylist. And this is part 2 of the Questions to ask your hairstylist.

How many stylists will be there on my wedding day?

This comes down to the number of people needing services and the time you need to be ready by. With my company, I generally cater to the bride and a select few others while my hand-selected artists take care of the bridal party and family. Your beauty company should keep in mind the time everyone needs to be done by and bring enough artists to ensure you get done on time or earlier. 

I’m nervous my bridesmaids will steal the show…

Yes, this is a real concern for some brides!!

We all know that one girl who loves to be the center of attention no matter where she is. I assure my brides that their hair and makeup look will be different from their bridal party. It’s the bride’s call on how she wants to look and how she wants her girls to look and she’s the one calling the shots. No bride ever wants her girls to look “bad” but it’s your special day and you deserve to shine!

I don’t know how to wear my hair, I’m torn between all up and all down.

Your gown, facial shape, accessories, wedding venue and personal taste all come into play here. 

I’m not partial to either as everyone looks good in different styles however you have to remember if your getting married in the heat of the summer, you may want to wear an updo so your not sweating and you can dance the night away without worrying about your curls loosening up and looking messy.

I feel updo’s look best with a high neck gown, halter gown or fitted, lace gowns. Of course, they can be worn with almost anything but a beautiful, full polished updo is my go-to so the bride can enjoy her day and not worry about her hair looking stringy or blowing all over her face for photos.

My first article for Wedding Meets Fashion was actually about a similar topic, so you should check that one too!

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