5 wedding makeup tips every bride should know according to our expert

5 wedding makeup tips every bride should know according to our expert

5 Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know According To Our Expert

Not many artists can provide better wedding makeup tips than our Karolina Taraskevic-Bethel. Karolina is a renowned professional hair and makeup artist from Europe. She’s working with brides internationally, with over 15 years of extensive experience in beauty, bridal, and celebrity makeup work.
Karolina has the successful “Carolina MakeUp Studio”. She pioneered the launch of the beauty business with makeup studios situated in two of the biggest cities of Lithuania, with a team of 30 professional makeup and hair artists working under her constant guidance.

So we asked her:

What are the newest wedding makeup trends? Which colors and textures should we go for, and which should we avoid?

Wedding makeup consists of 90 percent classic and 10 percent newest makeup trends. What do I mean by classic? It’s even, fresh-looking facial skin, naturally contoured face, tidy eyebrows, eye-look emphasizing eyelashes. These were the most important aspects of wedding makeup ten years ago, they are still the same today, and I’m sure they will not change in the next ten years. 

As the primary trend indicated in wedding makeup, I would consider face shimmers. It is done by using special makeup bases, various highlighters, bronzers, blushes, anything which contains light-reflective ingredients. This new season I would recommend ivory, peach, copper, or shimmery natural earth tone eyeshadows. 

Only 20 % of brides choose to focus on the bright lip colors, the majority of brides usually prefer more natural lipstick and lip glosses. Illuminating fresh makeup creates a clear and natural effect and also looks very luxurious. 

What is the difference between wedding makeup and evening makeup?

Wedding makeup has to look perfect in both the day and the evening lights, which means that it requires even more skill and precision for the makeup artist. Moreover, wedding makeup has to remain unchanged for hours, which is why it requires unique supplies for application and fixation. Many times to achieve the perfect result, it is necessary to also use a variety of tricks, acquired throughout many years of work. 

To answer the question in a broader sense, during the application of wedding makeup, the clients are more nervous than usual, which also causes stress to the makeup artist. Working under stressful conditions is not something every specialist can take, which is just added proof that only the professionals of this field can perform adequately with brides.

What is the purpose of trial bridal makeup?

The bride and the makeup artist need to meet before the wedding, so they would understand each other’s personalities and could decide if they want to work together and if their visions about the bridal look match. During the trial makeup session, the artist has the opportunity to discover the client’s skin type and assess the skin condition. An excellent professional will recommend which procedures the future bride should take before the wedding. It could be skin peeling, a hydrating skin mask, or for example, eyebrow shaping. 

The ideal is if, during a trial bridal makeup, the artist can try makeup products and, at the end of the day, receive feedback from the bride about how the makeup stayed or how she felt, and if the groom also liked it.

After the trial makeup, there should be no more chances about the bride being disappointed with the makeup artist’s work on her wedding day.

Why should people not save money on wedding makeup? 

Because your wedding is one of the most important days, which you will be remembered for the rest of your life. Of course, every couple celebrates their wedding according to their financial backgrounds. However, if you want your look to be taken care of by professionals, who can guarantee the quality, peace of mind, and perfect memories, money shouldn’t be the most important criteria when selecting them.

What are the advantages of the groom’s makeup?

Many men are still fearful of wearing makeup on for their wedding day. Some are firmly convinced that sitting in a makeup artist’s chair is only suitable for women. Other men, who have never worn makeup, think that it will make them feel weird and uncomfortable, and some are simply worried about looking silly on their wedding day. 

I understand this fear because a quality “invisible” makeup look cannot be achieved by any makeup artist. However, a professional in this area will make sure that the makeup hides all of the groom’s skin unevenness, redness, and overall tiredness while still maintaining a natural appearance. I would recommend spray-on makeup for grooms as nobody will notice it, and they will look great.

Check Karolina’s Instagram, as well as her Wedding Meets Fashion profile.
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