What I look out for in-venue viewings

What I look out for in-venue viewings

What I Look Out For In-Venue Viewings

We have amazing followers on our social media and if we see something worthy to post, we will do it. This piece is from our Instagram follower Caoimhe.

Once I have my budget set and start to view venues, there’s a couple of things I like to look out for when I arrive at the venue.

Character is the first thing for me, I wanted to see the venue and just think ‘wow’. The wow factor for many people is different but for me it meant a venue with a natural, vintage vibe, beautiful views when I looked out the window and welcoming, friendly staff.

The way the staff welcome and treat you is important, these will be minding you and your guests on your big night so make sure the vibe with them is right and you well looked after. Check out the other workers at the venue too and watch how they interact with guests, this is why it’s another big factor for me when venue viewing.

Décor and cleanliness is another important aspect to me. It’s easy to make a venue look stunning on the website, but when there I keep an eye out to see how well maintained and clean the venue itself is, if it’s sparkling and warm it shows the care and pride they have in their place.

Lots of greenery, lights, and candles! This is a personal one to me as I am obsessed with all things green. I love beautiful gardens, foliage, fairy lights, and candles, they make for a great atmosphere, beautiful views and also creates stunning photographs.

Finally, I look out for how private your wedding reception room is, while I love the idea of an exclusive venue this is not always an option, and for me is not a deal-breaker, however I do like to get an idea of the level of privacy you have on your wedding day and I definitely like to make sure there is only one wedding held a day so I know that we will be receiving the staffs full attention and care.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my small tips on venue hunting, for more points on all things wedding feel free to check out my Instagram page @theirishbride

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  1. Charlene

    These are such great tips! Paying attention to how the staff welcomes you is huge!

  2. Linda

    Thanks for sharing your tips! Good to have some ideas in mind before you go so you can go and look at everything 🙂

  3. Catherine

    I agree with you on all these points. Finding a venue can be fun and stressful at the same time. Lights, greenery, and candles are also a big deciding factor for me!

  4. Ceci Rey

    These are great tips. To understand what you look for, gives others inspiration, if looking at venues for themselves. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Christopher Mitchell

    Thanks for passing this along from your follower Caoimhe. These are really some great tips to consider moving forward!