Did you know this about your wedding hairstyle?

Did you know this about your wedding hairstyle?

Did you know this about your wedding hairstyle?

Wedding photographer asks TOP hairstylist about the bridal hairstyle.

Question (Jan – Freire Wedding Photo): Rebecca, you are one of the best bridal hair stylists in South Florida. As a professional wedding photographer, I want to ask yourself one question that lies in my head for a while.

Lately, I see very often brides with loose hair on their wedding day. I kind of do understand why, because I like it like a man more. But from my professional experiences, it’s undoubtedly the worst option. For me, it is very stressful to see a bride during her wedding day, but I can’t see her face because of her loose hair. Then I make pictures selection, I know already that I won’t see her face in 50% of all pics. What could be worst for any photographer and even worst for the bride?

I get it, they see it in many many bridal shots. Those are usually done by fashion photographers, not the wedding ones. And they like to create fantasy. But they don’t know anything about real weddings. They create it, and girls love it, obviously. Then those girls become brides, and they want what they have seen thousands of times.

Tell me something. Do you think that even hairstylist doesn’t know about this or they just don’t care? I believe that all professionals must be able to convince their clients (brides in this case) to do things that actually work instead of only beautiful things.
I always say everything to my brides openly, even not very popular thoughts. But they usually get it, because they see that it’s coming from real-life experience. But advising hairstyle is often something that I’m not asked for. 

Here are two pictures of the worst and amazing hairstyle according to my opinion.

So, hair up or down for wedding day?

Response (Rebecca – Phairis Luxury): Hi Jan! That’s a great topic to bring up! It is definitely our job as beauty artists to inform our clients of what will work with their hair and what looks best depending on their gown, facial shape, wedding location, etc.

During my consultations with my brides, one of the first things I ask is, “Are you going to be outside at all?”

If they are, this lets me know they can’t have a lot of loose pieces of hair around their faces because of the wind, humidity, etc. There’s nothing worse than you as a photographer trying to take gorgeous photos, and the bride has to keep pushing the hair out of her face. It slows up the entire photography session while making her hair look messy and undone, which she then, of course, needs touch-ups. 

Trends change each year, and we have seen a lot of loose, wavey boho styles the past couple of seasons. While these are gorgeous and look pretty, they aren’t always the best option, especially if a bride is going to be outside taking photos. 

I personally love a full, romantic updo on my brides. It’s something special that they don’t often do and it looks gorgeous on almost everyone! I prefer hair that is a little more polished and secured, so it’s not blowing everywhere in an outdoor ceremony or during outdoor photos. 

Also, with all that hair down and so much movement, curls fall out fast, and frizz takes over so if you opt for a style that is down, you will need your stylist by your side throughout the entire wedding day. 

So yes, to answer your question, trends come and go, and they aren’t always the best option. A bride should wear her hair how she feels looks the best, and it’s my job to coach her and explain the benefits of having it out of her face.

A great stylist will be able to give a bride that loose, undone look without hair looking messy and blowing everywhere. She’s happy, the photographers happy and she looks gorgeous throughout the night!

Jan: great answer Rebecca. I wish all hairstylists would be so professional as you are. Obviously, I can’t post bad pictures from my real weddings here, but I had many brides with very loose hair and I can guarantee that I wasn’t able to take a nice picture of her face in 50% of cases.

Now imagine you have loose hair just on one side of your face and it’s exactly that side facing people during your ceremony… I do believe these articles will help brides-to-be to choose a better hairstyle as well as a better hairstylist. And that’s why we are here a part of the Wedding Meets Fashion team!

More bridal hair inspirations: (we will update our Pinterest too)

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  1. Jan Freire

    great one, Rebecca! I believe that great hairstyle is much more important than makeup.

  2. Rebecca mousseau

    Thanks Jan! I agree, we as the professionals need to educate our brides and clients on what is best for them and their overall wedding day experience. I’m honored to share this with you and I’m looking forward to many more “hair” chats!

  3. Mila Rokosov

    I did not know this. Great information!

    1. WMFteam108

      Thank You, Mila!

  4. Peter

    Like this post! Very helpful! Thanks!

    1. WMFteam108

      Thank You, Peter!

  5. Sara

    This is such a good idea for blog I have so many brides that really struggle with what to do for their hairstyle.

    1. WMFteam108

      Thank You, Sara. Please do share with them!

  6. Kristen Mittlestedt

    Bridal hairstyles are one of the most important aspects of the wedding look! Thank you for such an educational post!

    1. WMFteam108

      Yes, that’s we what we do believe. Thank You, Kristen!

  7. Justyna E Butler

    Gah!!! These bridal hair ideas are just absolutely epic!!!!!

    1. WMFteam108

      Thank You, Justyna!

  8. Misty

    I love that you take the factors of the bride’s individual day into consideration when helping them choose a style!

    1. WMFteam108

      thank You very much for your comment, Misty!

  9. Sydney

    This is an interesting read about bridal hairstyles! Myself I had my hair down because I don’t like the way I look with it up and never wear it up except to workout!

    1. WMFteam108

      well, and for your wedding day is kind if expected that you will be different, right? Maybe you just never tried great updo.

  10. Jauquese

    This is super helpful! I’ll definitely look for styles that won’t hide my face when choosing the hairstyle for my big day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. WMFteam108

      Thank You for stopping by, Jauquese!
      We are so happy that you find it helpful.

  11. Shea

    These are all such beautiful hairstyles! Very helpful blog post!

    1. WMFteam108

      thank You, Shea!

  12. Gretchen

    Great conversation I write for the salon industry about weddings and mostly my conversation with photographers is about time lines and being on time for them to get all the pictures the bride requested, hair in the face is one I did not consider!

    1. WMFteam108

      Thank You for stopping by and your comment, Gretchen!

  13. Marysa

    These are good things to consider about wedding hairstyles. I can see how those points would be overlooked.

    I love that second hairstyle with the beads!

  14. Neha

    Having great hair style is definitely key and makes it stand out. That first one is gorgeous. It can be stressful but rewarding. I think something that is weather proof too is always wise

  15. Harish Joshi

    Loose hairs can be a big problem during photography but a professional hair stylist can handle it!

  16. Krista

    I have no knowledge on wedding hairstyles so this was a really interesting read!

  17. Rochelle

    The way my hair looks really matter to me, I cry over bad hair and so I think it’s most important especially on my wedding day, so I love these ideas

  18. Karen Smedley

    I didn’t realise there was so much thought behind a brides hairstyle.

  19. Seyi

    I’m def sharing this with my wedding planner sister. She’d be so glad. Thanks.

  20. Renata Green

    These hair styles are gorgeous. However, I would be afraid to make one false movement….guess you need to hold your head up high with these 😀

  21. Merveille

    Oh woah! I hadn’t given any thought to how much photographers go through to make wedding pictures perfect. It makes sense that the hairstyle the bride chooses might affect the quality and ease of taking pictures. Thanks for opening my eyes to this.

  22. Mayuri

    Oh! This is such an insightful interview with a professional. I am sure for a perfect wedding photography…you need a perfect blend of hairstyle, makeup and setting. Thanks for sharing!

  23. shanelle

    Wowww obsessed with these hair-dos! Inspo for my future wedding 🙂

  24. Dominique Walton Brooks

    How cool! The first picture in the header was my wedding hairstyle — 18 years ago. I remember going to practice it with my beautician a few times before the big day. These are lovely hairstyles here!

  25. Mila

    thank You for answering my big question, if I should wear hair up or down for wedding day!!!

  26. Ingrid

    I agree, the best wedding hair style is hair up!!!