Let’s Get It Started

The project is called Wedding Meets Fashion and is aimed primarily at future brides. In addition to them, however, we want to address all women who like luxury lifestyle and fashion. I started the project in America, but by being in Europe again, it is becoming international. And we will focus on the higher-end segment.

Our target and the typical client are a woman – a bride-to-be looking for a wedding supplier. If they are satisfied, they are very prone to continue using these vendors throughout their daily lives. The project is open to any profession in this field. It can be a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a photographer, a dance teacher, or a person who trains a dog to walk down the aisle for a wedding and possibly do pet grooming.

How is this project different from other listing sites?

  • Everywhere else, you pay for your listing, not here yet. At this moment, you have your listing for free!
    If you pay for your listing, it is in the site owner’s interest to sell the space to as many suppliers as possible. Then you get is a mix of excellent vendors with beginners or even bad suppliers on the site. This is a big turning point for a bride looking for a supplier because everyone has their own preferences. While one wants the cheapest, another wants the best. That’s why big listing sites like TheKnot or WeddingWire are losing their meaning.Our intention is different. First of all, no one will get on our list without approval. Each supplier must meet the exact criteria. And Wedding Meets Fashion focuses on the more luxurious segment.


    I tried TheKnot myself, and for $7,000, I received 218 visits to my profile!
    On most, if not all, sites, you pay for your space, and they write blogs where they advise brides. We turn this upsidedown. With us, all blog posts are written by our members. And this is also the primary condition for being with us – you must write at least one blog post per month (250 words minimum). This is how you build trust; you are the ones who provide advice; you become the experts!

  • All sites have their own badge that you can put on your own website. Now imagine the TheKnot badge. By putting it on your website, you send your visitor to their listing site. There are thousands of vendors of all categories—poor bride.We support each other. Our badge literally says, “Do you want to explore other excellent vendors? Check them out. We are a proud member of the Wedding Meets Fashion Team”, so each of us supports everyone else. We all are one fantastic team.
    You can check it on this website.

Well, this may end for you here, but you can use many more options.

  • social media support
    Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest work on a very similar algorithm, and the more engagement your post receives, the more it is shown to others. If you are interested in growing on social media, this is the most effective and safest form. Let us know, and we will add you to our outstanding support groups. After you post new content, you will receive engagement (like, comment, save, re-pin) from other accounts in our / your industry. This really works. And it’s free, you just need to return all the support.
  • podcast and videos
    I would love to start creating podcasts and videos in addition to blogs. Once we see more interest, we’ll start. Again, it will be you who advises and so you become an expert!
  • stylized photos
    Each of us has our own ideas, which cannot always be implemented with real clients. Each of us needs content that we can share on social media or for our website. By being a team from one industry, we can support ourselves in this as well.
  • bridal show
    Just imagine… Wedding Meets Fashion Bridal show. Again, a fantastic event that can be done on our own. No one pays for anything; everyone only provides what they do and what they want to present themselves with.
  • Club
    In time, we will create an online club for brides, where they will receive emails after the wedding about new offers and discounts. This is the project of the future.

If you are interested in this project, create an account at https://weddingmeetsfashion.com (in the upper right corner) and let us know at admin@weddingmeetsfashion.com information about yourself and the company or activity.

Also please follow our Instagram and join our Facebook Group.

If God wanted you to do everything by yourself, he would put you on your own little planet, and you could just do it all. But instead, he puts you here with 7 billion other people. It means we should do things together. If you are in… Welcome to Wedding Meets Fashion!