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Hi everyone! Here is my first listing, and I would like to introduce myself. The reason I joined “Wedding Meets Fashion” is because I believe that this the next step for my company to expand and grow. What can be better than servicing people on the best day of their life with their best friend? My Professional goals and dreams are to become the number one household name for dog owners. Either for behavior rehabilitation, TV show, National rescue dog competitions, products,  Human-K9 Life Coaching or walking your dog down the aisle, I am here to help the people and their dogs. My biggest achievement is being able to provide quality and low cost service dogs for clients nationwide, and If I wasn’t a dog behavior specialist then I would be life coach and thought leader. My favorite animal besides a dog would be a wolf ( no surprise, being that they are related). In regards to scenery and geography, I would say that I prefer the beach over the mountains most of the time. However, nothing compares to the serenity the mountain offers. I get asked a lot if I prefer NYC over Miami, being that I visit both a lot. Honestly I love NYC, but after a few days the noise can become unbearable. Miami then becomes my escape with all of the beautiful beaches. lastly, one more part of my >

Isaac Mass

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